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How To Protect Your Smartphone This Holi?

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The colorful festival of Holi is near. People of all age group and community celebrate this festival. Loves are shared by exchanging colors by each other and sad times are forgotten with joys. People play, chase and color each other with dry color powder and colored water, with some carrying water guns balloons for their water fight. Like any other beautiful moments in our life, these moments are worth keeping in the memories of our devices to be cherished later.

However, water can seriously damage your phone and rendering it useless if it is not covered under warranty. Here are some tips we have mentioned to protect your smartphone and devices during the water festival while still being able to capture selfies and photos.

ZIP Pouch

This seems weird but it will definitely save your device from getting any water contact. You can even vacuum seal the pouch the way you do it while storing food in fridge. Doing this will make your touchscreen work fine even when its inside the Ziplock Bag. It is easily available in any stores near your home and isn’t costly at all. Using this method will surely save your device while still being able to take photos or your and your friends.

ZipLock Bag
ZipLock Bag

Waterproof Cover

This is another effective option which can protect your smartphone from water damage. Waterproof covers are specially made for your device models which tightly packs your device in an airtight lock. These things not only saves your device from water damage but also from impacts from drop. The only drawback of the method is that waterproof covers are available for limited phones and are costly in comparison to ordinary covers. Only few places sell these type of covers.

Waterproof Cover
Waterproof Cover

Use Bluetooth or earphones to receive call

Instead of keeping your device in your hand while making a call you can use Bluetooth or cheap earphones to make the call. By doing this you can put your device in your pockets in a sealed bag and you will be able to attend all calls without bringing your device in contact with your wet hands. While cheat earphones and Bluetooth earpiece may be damaged with water, your phone won’t.

Don’t use multiple device

You will have lots of friend around with smartphones that are capable of doing same thing. So, it is better to pick one of the best devices which is waterproof(if available) and leave the rest at home. You can get all your friends call diverted to that friend’s device o that you won’t leave your loved ones anxious when you don’t pickup your phone.

Waterproofing your phone

There is a mobile shop, front of Kathmandu Mall which allows Waterproofing your Android and iPhones. This process is cost effective too since it only costs around Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 depending upon the models. Waterproofing can effectively protect your smartphone from any water contacts which might damage the phone.

Waterproof your phone
Waterproof your phone

What if the worse happens ?

If you hadn’t have any protection for your device and your device slips from your hands into a puddle of water or get splashed by buckets then you can try the following instruction.The first thing to do is not to attempt to switch on your device and takeout your battery out if it is removable. If not, you should not attempt to switch on your device for it may cause short circuit.

Use Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is not just a beauty tool it can be used to dry a lot of things including shoes, clothes and even your mobile phone. Running a hair dryer over your water damaged device can help to dry out the moisture trapped inside your device.

The only problem with hairdryer while using it to dry your smartphone is that heat and electronics don’t mix well together. You got to be really careful while using it. Exposing your device to enough heat can warp your device components or melt those special adhesives keeping your device together. So be careful while using hair dryer while drying. Keep it at minimum setting and at distance so that only a little heat is exposed to your device.

Use Silica Gel to absorb moisture

You must remember “DO NOT EAT” printed packets that comes inside shoe boxes. These are known as silica gel which are extremely efficient to absorbing moisture and water vapor from the environment. So you can stick your phone in those little packets wait for their magic to work on your device.

Silica Gel
Silica Gel

Only problem is nobody bothers to keep this packet with themselves and may not be available at your home. But now you know the importance of this product keep it in available place for future.

Use a bowl of Rice to absorb moisture

This is the number one method everyone have available at there disposal when it comes to dealing with water damage. Just like silica gel, rice is great water absorbent. All you need to do is bury your device inside the container with rice and leave it for a while. The small grain size may be the only problem with this method. Rice contains small dust particles that may get inside your device and create mess and damaging.

Despite performing any of these wild tricks, your phone may never be same as before. You will notice reduction in performance, touch responsiveness, audio quality, battery charging and more. So, prevention is better than cure and we suggest you get well prepared before water damaging your phone.

Tell us what you think of these methods. Share these methods with people you care. Play safe and enjoy this Holi. Gadgets In Nepal wishes you a Happy Holi Festival.