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Purple Launched Gaming Earbuds In Nepal


With the popular craze of gaming which has hit the Nepali market as well, now there are multiple devices such as gaming laptops, PCs, speakers, and other gadgets for those who love gaming. Now, local brands, as well as international brands, have established a fair amount of markets in Nepal. Purple, a Nepali brand has also unveiled its gaming earbuds for the first time ever. Purple is also selling smartwatches at affordable prices in Nepal.  

Now, let’s dive into the gaming buds’ specs, features, and details:

The design

purple gaming earbuds price in nepal

Purple boasts its wireless bud with a very cool and sleek theme for a pair of gaming earbuds. It features a black set with a partial green-colored theme on both of the earphones as well as the charging dock. With its metallic aesthetics, the charging dock also has features such as water as well as dust proof. The company claims the earbuds to be a “secure fit on the go”. These gaming buds can be charged from the USB C port.

Technical features:

Now to look at the most important feature, these earbuds feature their sound quality to be of 3D sound quality. These earphones also feature super deep bass quality as well. It can be operated from Bluetooth support of 5.2 and supports up to A2DP 1.3/HSP and 1.2/AVRCP 1.6. These earphones get their single number rating(SNR) of 98db. 

Battery operation:

As explained above, the earbuds can be charged with a USB C port. These earphones boast their working capacities of up to 8-9 hours. One of the best parts of these earphones is their fast charging capacities. The earbuds can be charged within 50 minutes. One hour of charging and you are good to go!!

Overall specs:

SupportA2DP 1.3/HSP  1.2/AVRCP 1.6
Bluetooth Version:5.2
Audio Decoding Formats:SBC/AAC
Frequency Response:2400-2480MHz
Speaker Size13mm
Effective Rangeup to 10 meters
Earbud Charging Time:50 minutes
Earbuds Working time:8-9 hours
Charging Point:Type-C
Net Weight:41g

Purple Gaming Earbuds Price In Nepal

These earbuds are truly an example of quality products offered at a budget-friendly price. Purple gaming earbuds is priced at just Rs.2999 in Nepal. You can purchase gaming earbuds from both offline and online retail stores all across the nation.

ProductPrice In Nepal
Purple Universal True Wireless EarbudsRs.2,999

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