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Purple Ultra Full Review: Choice for Apple’s Aesthetic?



Purple has been making many earbuds and smartwatch products for the Nepali market in different price ranges and this Apple Watch Ultra Clone, ‘Purple Ultra’ is one of them. Because people are looking for the aesthetic appeal of Apple products but do not want to spend more money, a watch like Purple Ultra can be a good choice for them. In this article, we will be discussing the Purple Ultra full review and get to know if the watch is worth it.

Specs Table

ModelPurple Ultra
Display1.91 inch,
IPS Screen
Compatible AppVfit (Android, iOS)
Waterproof RatingIP67
Charging Time3 Hours
Strap ColorsOrange,
Other FeaturesBluetooth Calling,
AI Voice Assistance,
Always on Display,
Bluetooth Calling
PriceRs. 7,499

Inside The Box

The box contains a few documents, a magnetic charger, and a watch itself.

Look & Feel

At first glance, the watch looks like it is an Apple Watch Ultra as it is a clone of that watch and the name of this product also hints that. But Purple Ultra doesn’t live up to the quality of the apple watch ultra. The polymer rubber on Purple Ultra is not the best choice but even after wearing it for the whole day, the straps were not uncomfortable at all. Because the watch has lightweight, the watch feels really light on the wrist, and after a while, I would forget that I was wearing a watch making it comfortable to wear the watch even for a long time.


The display in the purple ultra has a resolution of 240 by 296 pixels with a 1.91-inch IPS display with high brightness that I was easily able to use outdoors even in bright sunlight. Futhermore I was easily able to control the watch with both touch and a side crown given on the side the watch.

The watch comes with different watch faces pre-installed inside the app and if you don’t like any of them you can easily download them using the application from the phone you’ve connected the watch with. I was also able to customize the background image of a watch face with the image I want.

UI and icons in this watch feel really cheap and it is not clear which OS this watch is using making it hard to choose to buy. But the UX is really simple and it is easy to get used to with this watch.


Purple Ultra comes with Bluetooth version 5.1 which connects with previously connected devices nicely. After connecting this watch to my phone, I downloaded the application for this watch and connected it to the app to give different permission, and I was able to set the watch to get notifications that show in a nice managed format and notifications are easily understandable.


This watch comes with many features and one of them is Bluetooth calling which lets us easily make calls directly from the watch. This watch uses the SIM on the phone with which the watch is connected to make calls. Some of the other features this watch has are always on display, AI Voice Assistance, IP67 water & dust resistance, music control, Weather, and more.

Because it has speakers and a mic I was directly picking up and taking calls from the watch and didn’t have to take out the phone from my pocket. I used this on a daily basis and the person on the other side understood me nicely. There was little distortion on the speaker but it didn’t disturb my calls and I was understanding what the other person was saying nicely.

This watch also has features of steps tracking, heartbeat monitoring, Oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring, gym activities, and other health features which feel like a gimmick and do not give accurate results as they were showing heartbeats of even walls and tables. So, I would not suggest you use this watch for those features.


Purple Ultra has a Lithium Polymer battery of 230mAh that can last about 4 days to a week on a single charge. But sometimes I found that the watch battery was dropping fast and dying even before 3 days, so the battery’s life is entirely dependent upon the uses. This watch takes up to 3 hours to fully charge and to charge the battery we get a magnetic charger that comes with the watch. The magnetic charger clips perfectly on the back of the watch and the magnet is strong enough to stay on the watch even if we move or touch the watch accidentally while charging.


The purple watch is a cheap Apple Watch Ultra clone that gives people a feeling of wearing apple watches. And you get to feel this feeling at just Rs. 7,499 rather than Rs. 1,59,999. Even with this price, it is hard for me to suggest people this watch because there are watches with this price range or even cheaper that are better.

I would suggest this watch to someone who enjoys the aesthetic appeal of Apple products and wants to be seen as an Apple products lover. But if you are someone who doesn’t have an aesthetic preference for Apple products, wants to use the smartwatch and take the fitness data of the watch seriously, and enjoys better battery life in this price range, I would suggest you look for better options in the market.

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Purple Ultra is a smartwatch with working basic smartwatch functions with advanced features like Bluetooth calling. But while providing accurate data related to health and fitness this watch is a gimmick. If you are looking for a cheap product that gives Apple's Aesthetic then you might like this.
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Niraj Gautam
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Purple Ultra is a smartwatch with working basic smartwatch functions with advanced features like Bluetooth calling. But while providing accurate data related to health and fitness this watch is a gimmick. If you are looking for a cheap product that gives Apple's Aesthetic then you might like this.Purple Ultra Full Review: Choice for Apple's Aesthetic?