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Purple launched Wireless Bluetooth neckband: Learn Specs and Price


Purple has recently launched multiple accessories, ranging from audio, cables, and chargers. One of the highlights goes to the newly launched wireless Bluetooth neckband that boasts up to 20 hrs of music playtime. Purple has been an active brand in promoting quality products at the best affordable prices in Nepal. Let’s check out the details on the purple wireless Bluetooth neckband.

Specification and features:

purple neckband earphones price in nepal


Purple is offering a simplistic design on its neckband. The neckband as its names suggest sits on the neck of the user with two wires earbuds connected to the bands. The band contains buttons for overall use such as volume control and battery as well. The band comes in simple black color and features a line mic. With a strong design, the purple neckband is waterproof with ipx5 protection. 


The neckband features Bluetooth V5.0, with a transmission distance of up to 15 meters. The neckband also features impedance up to 320hm. With a battery capacity of up to 150mah, the neckband offers 20 hrs of playtime and standby time of up to 3000 hrs. The neckband only needs 1hor of charging and provides a warranty of 6 months.

Price and availability:

The Price for the purple neckband is at the rate of Rs 1999. The earbuds are available on both online and offline platforms as well. So get your purchases for the neckband starting today. 

Product Price 
Wireless Bluetooth neckbandRs 1999 

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