How to quickly charge phone's battery
How to quickly charge phone's battery

How To Quickly Charge Your Phone’s Battery

This article is mostly for android users. Because we all know that most of the android phones’ doesn’t have good battery life that can last for a whole day. It is sometime annoying to charge your phone when you are in hurry and you need to charge the phone’s battery fast. So, today I’m going tell you how you can charge your phone’s battery as quickly as possible.

Tips for How to quickly charge your phone’s Battery:

  1.  Turn your phone off while charging: Yes, this is the most effective and east way to reduce charging time. If you don’t want to put your phone off than just enable airplane mode. This will work too. Phone use lot of battery when it is connected to mobile networks or to Wi-Fi. Putting your phone switch off or in airplane mode will disable all the connection and reduces outgoing battery life.
  2. Don’t charge using your laptops or computer’s USB port: Normally USB 2.0 ports output 0.5 amps of energy and USB 3.0 ports output 0.9 amps of energy. When you use traditional electrical outlet, you can receive from 1 to 2 amps of energy. The more amps your phone gets, the faster it will charge. So, if you have charger that outputs 2 amps of energy than you can charge 4 times faster than USB 2.0 ports. But if you have an iPhone and a Mac, you can use your Mac’s USB port to charge your iPhone and iPad. Because Mac’s USB port outputs 1.1 amps of power when charging your iDevices. You can see in your charger how much amps your charger can output.
  3.  Avoid using low-quality chargers: We can see people selling mobile charger around Rs.100 on the street. Don’t buy it. Those low quality third party chargers can damage your phones. Don’t hesitate to buy genuine charger and battery for your phone. Though they might cost you little extra but it can save your phone and your time.
  4. Use More powerful chargers: Your phone can charge faster when connected to a tablet charger than to a smartphone charger. Why? Because tablet charger comes with more amps output than the smartphone charger. So if you don’t have tablet charger than you can buy one from the market.

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So if you use above tips than surely you can charge your phone from 0 to100% is less than an hour. You can try it right now and let us know whether it helped you or not in the comment section below. Also read: Tips To Increase Battery Life On Android Phones.