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“Viber Becomes First Social Media Company Registered in Nepal: Implications and Future Trends”


Rakuten Viber has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first social media company to be officially registered in Nepal. This move aligns with the government’s Social Media Management Guidelines 2080, signaling a pivotal step towards regulating foreign tech services in the country. In this article, we shall discuss more on Rakuten Viber Registered in Nepal.

Rakuten Viber Registered in Nepal:

Following its registration in Nepal, Rakuten Viber’s presence marks a significant shift in the country’s approach towards foreign tech platforms. Viber now falls under the direct oversight of the Ministry of Communication, Information, and Communication (MoCIT), ensuring compliance with Nepalese laws and regulations. Notably, Viber, known primarily as a messaging app, offers a diverse range of services, including facilitating bus and flight ticket bookings through its platform.

Rakuten Viber Registered in Nepal

This milestone comes on the heels of similar registrations by other tech giants in Nepal. In 2023, Google was among the first foreign tech companies to formalize its presence in the country by registering and subsequently paying taxes. However, notable platforms like Facebook and TikTok remain unregistered, with TikTok currently banned in Nepal pending discussions for its potential reinstatement and subsequent registration.

Ramesh Pandey, the Deputy Secretary of MoCIT and the Social Media Management Unit Coordinator confirmed Viber’s registration, citing adherence to the Social Media Management Guidelines 2080. This regulatory framework, introduced in 2023, aims to streamline and regulate the operations of social networks within Nepal. Pandey also revealed that the registration process for other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Snapchat, is underway and nearing completion pending requisite paperwork.

Rakuten Viber Registered in Nepal

With Viber setting the precedent, it is expected that other popular social media apps operating in Nepal will follow suit and seek registration in the near future. This proactive approach underscores Nepal’s commitment to digital governance and aligns with global trends of regulating digital platforms to ensure accountability and compliance with local laws.

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