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Razer’s Project Linda: Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Laptop

Razer is well-known for its product which is specialized for gaming and has a lot of die-hard fans in the gaming community. With the aim of  bringing innovative development in the gaming experiences, Razer has been bringing its exclusive project to the world during CES. Previously, Razer had brought Project Valerie — a concept gaming laptop with three display screens. And this time Razer’s new project is Project Linda — a Hybrid Laptop/Phone Concept.

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What is Project Linda?

Project Linda is laptop chassis with a large dock where you put your Razer Phone. The Razer Phone provides life to the whole laptop and becomes the laptop’s trackpad and a secondary screen. The laptop has 200GB of storage only because its processing is handled by the Razor phone. It also houses a battery that can charge the Razer phone three times over while running. The laptop is similar to the Razer Blade Stealth with 13 inch of Quad-HD 120Hz display screen.

Razer's Project Linda at CES 2018
Razer’s Project Linda at CES 2018


Being able to use your mobile phone as a laptop is genuinely convenient. Although you cannot run heavy games like those on a PC this device has enough processing power for doing small laptop chores like, typing, watching videos, making a presentation, etc.. You can even play mobile games with desktop like experience giving you the edge in the game. Razer has again brought its nifty innovation to surprise all of us and make it love even more.

More look into Project Linda

Project Linda is still in the experimental phase at the moment. Currently, it runs on Sentio-based UI which redesigns Android’s touch-interface to work nicer with keyboard and mouse inputs, along with windowed apps. Razer has forwarded this project and provided insight that in future a phone can be incorporated inside and used as a laptop.

Many people were impressed with it along with us, the concept is surprisingly innovative. What do you think about Project Linda? Do you think in the future mobile phones will be as powerful as desktop for its similar use as a laptop?


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