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Realme 11 Pro 5G Full Review: Majesty in Midrange


Realme, an established and popular smartphone brand has gained significant recognition for its impressive midrange phone offerings in Nepal also. Realme’s midrange phones strike a balance between performance, features, and affordability, making them attractive choices for a wide range of users.

Today we are here with a full and detailed review of Realme 11 Pro 5G which comes in the Nepali market with a price tag of Rs. 47,999. The phone has gained significant attention due to its premium-looking design and 100 MP OIS camera for the midrange series. Let’s look at Realme 11 Pro in detail.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full Review:

Design and Build

  • Dimension: 161.7 X 73.9 x 8.2 mm
  • Weight: 185 grams
  • Colors: Sunrise Beige, Oasis Green, Astral Black

During my review, I had the opportunity to test the sunrise beige color variant of the Realme 11 Pro 5G, which offers a pleasant in-hand feel, thanks to its off-white textured vegan leather finish at the back. Adding to its aesthetic appeal is a vertical golden seam at the center, elevating its overall look and feel.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Realme has implemented a design language that not only makes the device fingerprint-resistant but also claims to be stain-resistant. Moreover, the case improves grip, as the glossy frame of the device could be slightly slippery to hold without it. Nonetheless, using the case provided in the box would help to maintain the phone’s pristine appearance for an extended period.

On the front, the phone obviously provides a punch-hole camera and curved display. Though one thing worth praising about this phone is its nearly bezel-less display. The sideways are smoothly curved and give a good grip over the phone. The right side of the phone has a power button and volume-rocker button while the left side is pretty clear. The charging port, stereo speakers, microphone, and SIM slot reside on the bottom of the phone. The top side has a secondary speaker and mic.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

The Realme 11 Pro and Pro+ quite look similar at first glance but a closer look at their camera modules reveals a notable difference. The Realme 11 Pro sports a ‘100MP OIS camera’ label discreetly etched in small letters, while the Realme 11 Pro+ proudly boasts a ‘200MP OIS camera’. Other than this dissimilarity, the two smartphones are almost indistinguishable from each other, be it in terms of dimensions, ports, finish, or color options – they are nearly identical.

One striking feature of the smartphone is its prominent rear camera module, housing dual sensors and an LED flash. The module protrudes from the surface, but it doesn’t cause significant wobbling when the phone is placed flat.


  • 6.7 inches AMOLED, 1B colors, HDR10+
  • 1080 x 2412 pixels resolution
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Glass Front and 950 nits of max brightness

The Realme 11 Pro 5G features a captivating 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a curved design, boasting a Full HD+ resolution, a peak brightness of 950 nits, and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The near bezel-less display with curved edges contributes to an impressive screen-to-body ratio, resulting in a truly immersive viewing experience, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.


The handset holds the Widevine L1 certification, allowing it to stream content in Full HD resolution, which means you can enjoy high-quality videos and movies on various streaming platforms. However, it’s worth noting that the regular 11 Pro model lacks HDR support for Netflix and other streaming services, unlike the 11 Pro+ variant. Also, the switching option between 120Hz and standard 60Hz is also available.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Nevertheless, considering its price point, the Realme 11 Pro’s display is remarkable, delivering rich and accurate colors that enhance the overall visual experience. The addition of stereo speakers, fine-tuned by Dolby Atmos, elevates the device’s multimedia capabilities, making it an ideal choice for enjoying movies, music, and gaming with immersive audio.

Moreover, the display is highly responsive to touch inputs, ensuring smooth and seamless navigation. The HyperVision mode further enhances the video quality, amplifying colors and highlights, and adding vibrancy to your content. Also, it provides full screens for apps or customized screen sizes and options. Different other special features including split screen, flexible windows, and smart sidebar also are there.

Display 2

Weighing just 185 grams, the handset is lightweight and comfortable to hold for extended periods. It also comes with TUV Rheinland certification to minimize screen flicker, reducing visual fatigue and enhancing user comfort, particularly during prolonged usage.

Performance and Storage

  • MediaTek Dimensity 7050 CPU
  • Mali-G68 GPU
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB Storage

The Realme 11 Pro’s performance is handled by the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 SoC, a competent mid-range chipset that efficiently handles various tasks, including seamless app switching and smooth gaming. Even when playing demanding games like Call of Duty and PUBG with HD graphics and medium frame rate, the smartphone shows no visible frame drops or notable heating problems. Additionally, the benchmark scores and CPU Throttle test underscore the device’s impressive performance capabilities.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Furthermore, the CPU Throttle test revealed that the phone operates at 90 percent of its peak performance, indicating its capability to handle moderately heavy tasks without significant performance degradation over extended usage.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Talking about specific numbers, the Realme 11 Pro has demonstrated commendable performance in various benchmark tests. In the Geekbench test, it obtained a single-core score of 946 and a multi-core score of 2,382, showcasing its processing prowess for both single and multi-threaded tasks.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

In terms of longevity, the handset received a system fluency rating for at least 48 months from TUV SUD, reassuring users of its ability to maintain smooth operation and performance over an extended period. On the GPU benchmark run, the smartphone achieved an impressive score of 2382 points, highlighting its overall system performance capabilities.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Regarding memory options, the Realme 11 Pro offers only one choice in Nepal: 8GB of RAM. Additionally, the Dynamic RAM feature allows for RAM expansion up to 16GB (8GB of virtual RAM), utilizing a portion of the phone’s storage to enhance multitasking capabilities.

Storage-wise, the smartphone is available in one configuration in Nepal: 256GB onboard storage, providing users with ample space for their apps, media, and files.

OS and UI

  • OS: Android 13
  • UI: Realme UI 4.0

The Realme 11 Pro comes preloaded with the latest Android 13-based Realme UI 4.0 right out of the box. While the software offers a wide array of features, some users may find it a bit bloated due to the presence of numerous pre-installed apps. Nevertheless, most of these apps can be uninstalled after the initial setup, providing users with a cleaner interface.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

One drawback worth noting is the inclusion of ads, which can be somewhat bothersome during navigation. However, there is a silver lining to this issue, as the software allows users to disable these ads, granting them a smoother and less intrusive experience. Furthermore, the software provides ample room for customization, enabling users to tailor the interface according to their preferences and individual needs.

Realme UI 4.0 introduces several impressive features that significantly enhance the overall user experience. For example, music enthusiasts will find it convenient to control their music directly from Spotify through the Always-On display. This feature adds ease and efficiency to managing their music playback.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Privacy-conscious individuals will also appreciate the software’s capability to safeguard sensitive information. The option to hide or pixelate private details from chat-based screenshots before sharing them ensures that users’ data remains secure and protected from prying eyes.

Additionally, the software streamlines media playback with quick control settings, allowing users to interact seamlessly with their multimedia content. This intuitive functionality makes managing media on the Realme 11 Pro a hassle-free experience. The app drawer also can be customized.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Despite some initial drawbacks, the Realme 11 Pro’s software proves to be highly versatile and adaptable. Its customization options, along with the innovative features offered by Realme UI 4.0, make it an attractive choice for users who prioritize personalization and cutting-edge functionalities in their smartphone usage.


  • Rear camera: Dual
    • 100MP primary, OIS, f/1.75, OIS
    • 2MP f/2.4 depth
  • Front camera: 16MP (punch-hole)

The Realme 11 Pro sets itself apart from the Pro+ model primarily due to its camera configuration. At the rear, the phone is equipped with a dual-camera setup, comprising a 100MP OIS primary sensor (compared to the Pro+’s 200MP sensor) and a 2MP depth unit. By default, the primary sensor captures 12MP images, which exhibit impressive performance under well-lit conditions, showcasing a pleasing blend of colors and a commendable dynamic range.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

While the images retain a satisfactory level of detail when viewed normally, zooming in may reveal some limitations in fine detailing. In challenging lighting scenarios, such as low-light environments or indoors, the camera tends to exaggerate colors, resulting in oversaturated images. Moreover, noise becomes noticeable in dimly lit conditions.

Additionally, the camera features auto-zoom technology integrated into the camera app’s Street mode. However, some users might find this feature gimmicky since it requires extra steps to activate. Furthermore, achieving similar levels of zoom and performance can be easily done using the 2x option in the main camera mode called Photos, making the auto-zoom less compelling.

Despite the limitations in low light, the phone does offer a night mode, which attempts to mitigate noise in the images. However, this mode has the side effect of smoothing out finer details, potentially reducing overall image clarity.

Moving on to the portrait mode, the smartphone performs decently, effectively isolating the subject from the background and adding a natural-looking and visually appealing bokeh effect.

When the sun is shining, the 16MP front camera captures acceptable selfies with nice detail and accurate skin tones. However, there is a slight issue with oversharpening, which might make some photos appear less natural. In low-light conditions, the front camera’s performance drops, resulting in average-quality selfies.

The video quality is fine and stable specially from rear camera. The selfie videos seems much improvable in low-light conditions and stabilization. The phone gives significant good audio quality with its sterio speakers. Overall, the video quality is satisfactory.


  • 5000 mAh massive battery
  • 67 Watt fast charging

The Realme 11 Pro packs a robust 5000mAh battery that offers ample capacity to keep the phone running throughout the day, even with moderate gaming and occasional navigation. During my usage, which included streaming, web browsing, and gaming, I typically achieved around six hours of screen-on-time before needing to recharge. Though in normal usage, the battery capability is more than enough.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

While it may lack the ultra-fast 100W charging support seen in its elder sibling, the Pro+, the Realme 11 Pro makes up for it with a commendable 67W fast charging solution. With this technology, the device can go from 0 to 100 percent battery capacity in well under an hour, ensuring you spend less time tethered to a charging cable and more time enjoying your smartphone.

Other Features

The Realme 11 Pro comes equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner, providing an added layer of security for the device. While the optical scanner may not be as swift as the capacitive ones, it still manages to unlock the phone quickly. This biometric feature ensures a convenient and efficient way to access your device.

Realme 11 Pro 5G Full review

Talking about the connectivity, we didn’t find any significant problems while connecting to the Internet or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connection. The device easily pairs with other smart wearables like earbuds or watches. Location tracking was also smooth and seamless.

Pros and Cons

The capable main camera in daylight conditionNo ultra-wide and macro camera
Curved AMOLED panel is fast, bright, and color accurateUI looks cluttered due to several pre-installed apps.
The capable main camera on daylight conditionNo IP rating
Long-lasting battery life with fast chargingcamera versatility is lower than that of its competitors
Good performance for the price


In Nepal, the Realme 11 Pro is attractively priced at Rs 47,999 making it a mid-range phone. Considering its impressive performance in various aspects, this pricing appears quite reasonable. The handset boasts a stunning design that sets it apart from the crowd, catching the eye of potential buyers. Moreover, the device delivers excellent overall performance, whether it’s for daily usage or gaming, and its battery life is commendable, complemented by fast charging capabilities. The presence of a curved AMOLED panel and a powerful 100MP primary camera further adds to its appeal.

The absence of an ultra-wide camera restricts its ability to capture wider perspectives and include more details in photographs. This could be a crucial factor for photography enthusiasts who value versatile camera options.

Additionally, the phone’s interface is slightly cluttered with bloatware, which may affect the user experience and require some cleaning up to optimize the device fully.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Realme 11 Pro remains a solid and reliable choice, performing well in various aspects. Its impressive design, reliable performance, and noteworthy camera capabilities still make it a worthwhile option for prospective buyers.

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Rear camera
Front camera
Video quality
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Realme, an established and popular smartphone brand has gained significant recognition for its impressive midrange phone offerings in Nepal also. Realme's midrange phones strike a balance between performance, features, and affordability, making them attractive choices for a wide range of users. Today we are...Realme 11 Pro 5G Full Review: Majesty in Midrange