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Realme unveils road map for android 13 updates/Realme UI 4.0


The android 13 OS which was officially released a few months ago, has been slowly rolling out on smartphone platforms. While the first ever phone to get access to android 13 was the google pixel phone, followed by other brands. Similarly, now Realme has launched its Realme android 13 access roadmap for the remaining year showcasing its plan to enroll android access on particular phones. 

The Realme UI 4.0 hasn’t been officially introduced however the interface is expected to support the smartphone as well. While the Realme UI4.0 was rumored to be launched on September 15, there hasn’t been any news on it. But, we can certainly expect the launch to be as soon as possible. 

What phones are getting the android 13 updates?

Similarly, these are the plans for the next year as well:

Realme android 13 access roadmap

As we can see this month, the roadmap reveals this month’s phone models to have access which at the beginning was the Realme GT 2 pro followed by Realme GT neo 3, ending with Realme GT 2. You can look at the chart to follow upcoming access in the following months.

About android 13:

The long-awaited Android 13 was launched with updated features just on august 15. The android OS is one of the most global OS that supports many smartphone brands. One of the top features for the android 13 releases is the new material you theme, Bluetooth LE adoption, photo picker API, media permission, and many more. Check out our article to know more about the top features of android:

 Realme software director Chen Lei Rain also said that Realme UI 4.0 will begin testing on branded smartphones this month. So, with heavy expectations, users are ready to get the updated version of the Realme UI as well. 

So have you checked the Realme android 13 access roadmap? Is your Realme smartphone getting the part of the access for android 13 as well.? What are your expectations from the access? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay updated on our website to learn more about new gadgets and technology news.  

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