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Realme GT Neo 5 confirmed to feature 240W fast charging


There were multiple rumors about the upcoming Realme GT Neo 5, after the Realme GT Neo 3. One of the has officially been confirmed by Realme. Realme GT Neo 5 will be using 240W charging technology. The smartphone will be the first one to feature it in the whole smartphone technology. 

Realme GT NEO 5 overall highlights 

As for now, there aren’t official confirmations, besides the 240W fast charging. This model will use Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. There are also rumors that the other GT Neo 5 with 150W charging is featuring Dimensity 8200.

Realme GT NEO 5 smartphone

Similarly, the 240W supports both 20V/12A and 10V/24A operation and is just 5% larger than the previous 150W adapter, which was used in the phone’s predecessor, the Realme GT Neo3 (150W).

The GT NEO 5 variant with 150 W charging has a 4,500mAh battery but there aren’t any reports on how long will it take or the battery capacity. Also, Realme claims that the battery will retain 80% of its initial capacity after 1,600 charge cycles.

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Likewise, the phone will feature a 50MP main camera with OIS (IMX890 sensor), an 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP helper, and a 16MP selfie cam. The smartphone is featuring 13 temperature sensors. These sensors will monitor the charging process and shut things down if the heat goes over the expected levels.

As for the display, we are getting a display measuring  6.7” in size with a “1.5K” resolution (1,240 x 2,772px) and 144Hz refresh rate, plus high-frequency PWM dimming (2,160Hz).


There aren’t any official confirmations on the Realme GT NEO 5 prices. The smartphone will probably arrive by next month. 

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