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Reasons you still need a desktop PC

Desktop computers are becoming a thing of the past, well at least here in Nepal. Considering how people have to endure hours of load shedding every day, laptops are the obvious choice for a computing device. But there are several advantages to owning a desktop PC that might make you change your mind about them. In this article we are going to look at some of the advantages of owning a desktop PC.

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  • Cost

    In most cases desktop PC can be much cheaper to assemble than buying a brand new acer or hp laptop with similar specifications. And not to mention brands like Apple can charge outrageously high prices for their products which can be out of reach for most Nepali consumers.

  • Better processors

    Although laptop processors are soon catching up to the level of desktop grade processors, for the time being desktop processors are superior. That’s because laptop processors are designed to squeeze as little power as possible for the best battery life. This sacrifices performance for battery life. On the other hand, desktop processors get their power from the Power Supply Unit (PSU) and delivers maximum performance and includes a better cooling system in most cases.

  • Better for gaming

    There are many gaming laptops available but there are simply more possibilities with a custom built desktop PC. You can use a bigger monitor with higher refresh rates as the display. In case of laptops you are only limited to a little more than 15” inches of screen provided by the manufacturer. Also desktop grade GPU’s like the GTX Nvidia graphics cards tend to deliver much better performance compared to their laptop counterparts. So for the same price desktop PCs provide better gaming experience.

Desktop and Laptop GPU compared
  • Easy to upgrade

    Upgrading a desktop PC can be so easy that anyone with a screwdriver can open up the case and add RAM or a graphics card or a new processor or anything else. But upgrading and repairing laptops can be a bit more complex. In most cases GPUs and processors cannot even be upgraded. If you have an old and slow laptop there might not be another option than to buy an entirely new one.

In conclusion desktop pc’s are for those who require more power and are willing to give up the portability of a laptop. For example, video editors and gamers require better processors and GPUs so the desktop pc would be the obvious choice. With the effects of loadshedding decreasing in our country the concept of owning a desktop PC might seem suitable to more people.

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