Recharge Using Smartphone’s Camera with Re charger App


In our previous App review, we reviewed Sajilo Recharge App that uses your Phone’s Camera to recharge your phone. Today, we will review another app, Re charger which has similar functionality. Not only that, we will also compare these two apps on the basis of Interface, Accuracy and Easy to Use.

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Re charger developed by Future Tech is your easy solution to get rid of annoying way to recharge your balance. This app utilizes your device’s camera to scan the recharge card pin number and recharge in an easy way. This app is easy very light and easy to use and works almost automatically.

App’s Main Screen

The app has a very simple User Interface. Upon opening the app, the main screen opens your device Camera and the app is ready to use. Scratch your recharge card, bring it inside the Camera frame and Re charger will scan the PIN number and type it in your phone’s dialer. The Auto detect mechanism of the app will automatically detect your SIM operator. You can then press the Hash ‘ # ‘ symbol and dial to recharge your phone.

Re Charger App
Re Charger App

There is also a torch icon located at the bottom left corner of the App which is useful in dark environments. Furthermore, it has a help button at the bottom left corner which shows you the How to Use feature. With three easy steps, you can recharge your phone’s balance in the fastest way possible.

From Re Charger App Developer:

This is a Nepali app that uses your phone’s camera to make recharging your balance easier. It takes three simple steps to get the action done and we from Future Tech promise our users to get it down to one.

Sajilo Recharge and Re charger Comparison

Both Sajilo Recharge and Re charger are two decent app that makes recharging easier than ever. Both of these app offers similar functionality. However, Re charger sometimes fails to detect the SIM operator despite of the Auto detect mechanism. We used NT recharge cards but Re charger misjudged few numbers and detected it as Ncell recharge card. On the other hand, Sajilo Recharge is fairly accurate and allows you to manually select your SIM operators.

Re charger is somewhat easier to use compared to Sajilo Recharge because of its Auto Detect Mechanism. The app automatically detects the recharge cards and shows the PIN at the screen. Tap the PIN and then the app will copy the numbers in your phone’s dialer. The app also has a single screen interface which makes it have an easy UI.

Overall, Re charger is a quite decent app which is meant to help people for recharging their phones. While the app could use some improvement, it is still a great app. This app is currently available for Android only. The app could use some work on the faster PIN detection and accuracy improvements on future updates. We hope Future Tech comes up with more useful apps for the users.

Download Re Charger App for Android

So, What do you think of Re charger ? Which app do you like the most — Sajilo Recharge or Re charger ? Let us know in the Comments section.

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