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Xiaomi teases a laptop launch in Nepal very soon


Mi Fans in Nepal were all eagerly waiting for a laptop from the brand in Nepal. According to the latest Facebook & Twitter post of Xiaomi Nepal, looks like the brand is very soon launching a new laptop line in Nepal. Today in this article, we will be discussing all the information we have about the new laptop from Xiaomi and when can we expect these new laptops in the market. 

Xiaomi Laptops Series Expected in Nepal

According to our sources, Xiaomi Nepal will be launching two new laptop series in Nepal: Mi NoteBook and Redmi Book. Both of these laptop series is really popular in our neighboring country India. Let’s see what both these laptop series have to offer. 

Mi NoteBook Laptops

If we see the Indian market, laptops from the Mi NoteBook Series mostly cater to the production department with the latest specifications with premium built quality. These series of laptops are not generally focused on the gaming community but mostly on the working profile. We think Xiaomi Nepal will be targeting a similar market in Nepal too, with this series of laptops. 

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Currently, in India, we have laptops in the price range of ₹56,399 to ₹77,999 under the Mi NoteBook series, starting from Mi NoteBook Pro Lustrous with i5 11th Gen CPU and Iris Xe Graphics along with 8GB RAM + 512GB NVMe SSD and the most specs packed laptop under Mi Notebook series is Mi NoteBook Pro Lustrous with i7 11th Gen and Iris Xe Graphics along with 16GB RAM + 512GB NVMe SSD. So, between these laptops, we could see anyone variant in Nepal too. 

Redmi Book Laptops 

Redmi Book series in India targets the audience who is looking for an affordable offering. These laptops have good build quality and offer powerful specs for the price. Currently, in India, Redmi Books starts from ₹38,699 and goes to ₹49,999 for the highest variant. 

So, these are the two different series of laptops that Xiaomi is going to launch in Nepal really soon. But as of now, we do not know, which exact model is going to be launched. 

Redmi Book & Mi NoteBook Laptop Price in Nepal and Availability 

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As of now, Xiaomi Nepal has just posted a teaser image only, which we showed you above. The brand has not stated when or which laptop is going to be launched in Nepal. But looking at Xiaomi Nepal’s track record, we could see laptops from Xiaomi launching within 1 to 2 weeks. They generally start to tease about a particular product just before a few days of the launch event. Talking about the pricing, we have literally no details as we don’t even know which variants of the laptops are coming.

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What are your thoughts about Xiaomi’s move of launching laptops in Nepal? Will they be able to compete with big players like Asus and Dell? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and will you buy a laptop from Xiaomi if it falls under your price range? 

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