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Remax, for those hearing of the company for the first time, is a Shenzhen based technology company with operations all over the world. The company focuses on fashionable and passionate products and primarily aims to attract youths. Remax claims that its product allows its customers to savor life and fashion and aims to produce practical products with good quality and trendy design. Currently, the company has focused on its global expansion.

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Remax has set foot in the Nepali market and made its plethora of products available here. The range of products includes data-cables, chargers, power banks, speakers, earphones, screen-protectors, smartphone cases as well as accessories like selfie sticks, desk led lights, mini fans, action cameras, wireless controllers, VR boxes and hoverboard.

Speaking of the data-cables and chargers as well as the power banks, there is a large variety. The data-cables come braided as well as unbraided and support fast charging and speeds up to 480MBps on data transfer. The power banks and the chargers also does support fast charging. The power banks especially allow you to fast charge multiple of your devices on the go.

In the audio segment, the company has an amazing portfolio of earphones, both wired and wireless, as well as wireless speakers. The earphones available are of high quality and sure to provide you a great sound experience. The wireless devices, on the other hand, all come with Bluetooth 4.1 and above and have a very stylish design. The Bluetooth speakers are sure to impress you with their sound output of high wattage speakers and great battery life.

Remax also has made cases and screen protectors available for iPhones and iPads. The stylish cases are sure to turn heads while securing your smartphones. The screen protectors are on the other hand are made out of very high-quality materials making it quite hard for anything to leave a mark on your screens.

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The other products launched by Remax include, selfie sticks which come in different extensions, LED desk lamps with eye protection feature, which are sure to add to the style factor of your desks. The company has also launched its action cameras as well as wireless game controllers which come with a great build quality at an affordable price.

The products made available by iRemax Nepal Pvt Ltd. in the Nepali market are sure to cause quite a stir. The products from Remax will be an amazing option for the consumers who are seeking for quality products at an affordable price. Remax being an International brand is also offering 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months replacement warranty on their products, which is more than anything offered on affordable products available in the market. This along with the competitive pricing of its quality products is sure to bring Remax products on top of others here in Nepal.

Remax Nepal

Remax Nepal Showroom
Remax Nepal Showroom

Address: 4th Floor, Shop no 412ABC, CivilMal, Sundhara, Kathmandu
Phone number: 01-4260779