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Top Five Online ride-sharing apps


Travelling is a gateway to experiencing locations, visiting your destination, and overall a part of your daily essentials. Public transportation might not always be the key to your travel experience, nor is the lack of private vehicles. The threats and problems while travelling such as public harassment, punctual rides to your destination, lack of vehicles due to geographical factors, and other many causes can definitely make it hard for a good travelling experience. 

In order to solve these problem factors, the ride-sharing app has gained huge popularity and success in solving these problems. A simple app that was designed mainly to set a location, hire a public vehicle owner available and make payment once it reaches the location. These apps don’t have a long history. In fact, the first ride-sharing app was introduced in 2017, tootle which gained fame quickly. Followed by other ride-sharing apps that offer similar riding experiences and features in Nepal.

There are currently many ride-sharing apps in Nepal this article let’s discuss the top five:

Top 5 Ride-sharing Apps in Nepal

S.NTop 5 Ride-Sharing Apps In Nepal

1. Pathao:

pathao ride sharing app

 I mean, who hasn’t heard of pathao? This app is the most popular ride-sharing app available on both ios and android. The app hit its excellent debut in 2018, starting from the roads of Kathmandu. The app originated in Bangladesh and later had its start-up in Nepal. This app is convenient for its 24-hour service and has options for vehicle experience of two-wheelers and taxis. It started with only two-wheeler service at the beginning.

Despite its riding facilities this app also offers other features such as discount vouchers, insurance policy, refer and earn and many more. Riders can easily earn without any delays, bonuses, or extra special offers. The pricing ranges from two-wheelers and four-wheelers. There is an additional charge of a rupee per minute. Payment can be easily done through cash as well as digital wallets such as e Sewa, khalti, and many more.

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2. inDriver:

indriver sharing app

In driver recently launched in Nepal, is actually an international ride service. It has its service in over 45 countries and is the second largest ride-sharing platform worldwide. this app was founded in the city of Yakutsk, in the city of Russia in 2013. Unique for its self-bargain feature, this allows passengers to choose a price of their own from the rider’s calculated price. The drivers can also offer their bargains easily and choose rides that suit them the best.

Like every other app mentioned above, this app also has a simple interface. The app is available on ios as well as android. You can set your route and rent a ride. There will be lots of offers from different drivers, you can choose the one that suits you. Once reached your destination, you can pay through cash as well as cashless transactions. Now, this app has gained a good reputation as one of the cheapest ride-sharing services. This app also has a courier service where you can transfer packages up to 20 kg, or order goods in-store with home delivery.

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3. Tootle:

tootle ride sharing app

This ride-sharing app ignited the first ride-sharing experience in Nepal. Tootle originated in Nepal, in 2017 and gained popularity quickly. It attracted its users of its less expensive, as well as a faster medium even though its a completely new medium. This app is a wonderful platform for riders to earn too. This app has also shined its potential even on international platforms as Asia’s most promising startups in 2017.

Tootle began its services with two-wheelers and later continued with four-wheelers. The app has a platform for those who have two-wheelers to earn too. In order to verify they need to provide their personal information along with their driver’s license pic. Tootle also provides 24-hour service and has a similar payment option like pathao such as eSewa or khalti. Also, tootle has a reputation for being less expensive than pathao. 

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4. Sajilo:

sajilo ride sharing app

One of the newest Nepali start-ups in the ride-sharing market, sajilo began its services just this year from the Nepali new year, on Baisakh 1st. This app hit the market with its unique scheme, where we can easily rent any vehicle we want, for any purpose, through the local market. The app claims to list more than 1000 vehicles, so we can easily access any type and model of vehicle. This multi-purpose app can be used not only for travelling but for rent, load pick-ups, and more. 

Sajilo also debuted its market with no commission from riders. This scheme continues for up to six months. After asoj, the company still ensures good income for its riders. There are also other schemes in sajilo,  If your ride request is not accepted within 2.5 minutes by any rider, you can call the admin and get a free ride. Another cool offer is that You can get Rs.20 discount for each ride, and get a 15 percent cash back after 10 rides. 

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5. Sahara :

sahara ride sharing app

At the bottom of our winner’s list, we have Sahara. With its numerous services from renting a ride as well to food delivery, this app is also not so old in the ride apps market. Launched in 2019 Sahara provides riding service for both two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers. There are also lots of offers for promo codes and referral codes for in-app rewards which can be useful for future rides

This app has other notable features such as its current insurance scheme, they have an insurance scheme of 6,00,000. This is applicable to both riders as well as passengers. This agreement was signed with the insurance provider for two years. Also, Sahara is also not taking any more commission from its partners which means the entire ride fare is going to the riders. This app offers its services over Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur.  

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These were the top five ride-sharing apps that you can use on your smartphones in Nepal. With the evolution of these apps, travelling has been an easy experience without any geographical boundaries, and limited time and money expense. This also has increased the services of mobile wallets too for their convenient financial transaction.

What do you think of these apps? Have you ever experienced some of these apps? If yes how was your experience? do share with us in the comments.


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