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Ripple Laptops Price in Nepal (2023 Update)


Ripple is a local Nepali Laptop Brand that collects laptop components from various places and assembles them in Nepal. Focusing on the Gamers and Creators, Ripple produces many laptops in Nepal at quite a reasonable price. In this article, we will look at the Ripple Laptops price in Nepal.

Ripple Laptop Price in Nepal

Ripple LaptopSpecificationsPrice in Nepal
Novai5-12500H, 8/256GB, RTX 3050TiRs.138,000.00
Nova Proi7-12800H, 8/256GB, RTX 3060Rs.192,000.00
Nova Pro RyzenRyzen 7 6800H, 16/256GB, RTX 3060Rs.1,85,000.00
PandoraRyzen 7-5700U, 8/256GB Rs.98,000.00
Razei5-11400H, 8/256GB, RTX 3050Rs.135,000.00
Raze Proi7-11800H, 8/256GB, RTX 3060Rs.200,000.00
Artifacti5-10300H, 8/256GB, GTX 1650TiRs.116,000.00
Artifact ProRyzen 7 4800H, 8/256GB, RTX 2060Rs.175,000.00

Ripple Laptop Series

If you are a Gamer or a Creator, Ripple offers a wide range of laptops to meet your requirements at a good price. It has not been too long since Ripple has provided its service to Nepali Consumers. However, their laptops are loved by a lot of people. Moreover, Ripple also provides a humongous 2-year warranty on every laptop. So, let’s look at the price of different Ripple Laptop Series in Nepal.

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Nova Series

Nova Series is Ripple’s latest Gaming laptop lineup series which has recently been launched. It is also the series with the first 12th gen intel processor in Nepal. The Nova contains two laptops i.e. the Nova and the Nova Pro. This is not only a gaming laptop but also a computer suitable for creators with outstanding display quality. 

Ripple Nova


Pandora is Ripple’s only non-gaming laptop for professional use. Through our research, we found out that this is one of the cheapest and the best laptops for content creators in Nepal. This laptop’s main feature is that it comes with 100% sRGB and with a Ryzen 7 5700U at under 1 Lakhs. 


Raze Series

Until the Nova series stepped in, Raze was one of the best Ripple gaming Laptop series. They came with the 11th Gen Intel Processors and were designed to perform heavy tasks. The outstanding display and the best-performing capacity were the best features of the Raze series. Similar to the Nova Series, this series also has two laptops, i.e. Raze and Raze Pro.

ripple laptops price in Nepal

Ripple’s Warranty Service

If you are waiting for the 12th Gen Intel processor laptops in Nepal then you are limited with options as it might still take a long time for them to arrive in Nepal. However, you can absolutely go with Ripple’s Nova Series which is ready for preorder. Not to worry about trust as Ripple also provides 2 years of warranty on their laptops. So, why not Ripple?

Meanwhile, you can check our video on Ripple Nova Pro:


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