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Samsung Display tops the display maker table of Q1 2017

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Samsung Mobile has always been one of the reliable choice for the gadget freaks. Even though the Note 7 Edge fiasco had decreased the company’s sale for a while, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has added the icing on the cake for the company as the sales has increased up after it’s release. The phone has already been a great choice among the users with its decent performance, battery life, and most importantly its infinity display. Samsung display has never ceased to amaze its users for it has a decent display even on the budget devices. Some months ago, South Korean analyst had expected significant increase in the Samsung Display profit in 2017. Surprisingly, the reports are just out that Samsung Display has topped the table for the display maker in Q1 2017.

Samsung Assembling displays in its plant
Samsung Assembling displays in its plant

According to the industry firm IHS markit, the Korea Herald reports, Samsung has been ranked at top for display maker. The report is of the first quarter of the year 2017. Sales revenue of  its product is very high compared to that of last year. They have also highly increased shipments of flexible OLED products. These might be only couple of many reasons that has led Samsung to retain it’s top spot. However, the OLED panels has been more expensive than it was around  this time of last year.

There was a net 35% growth in the profit of the product in the period of January-March. With combined global sales of LCD and OLED displays that are 9 inches or smaller, Samsung dominated the $13 billion industry with $3.5 billion of revenue which is 27.2% of total revenue. The top spot is occupied by Samsung Display which is followed by Japan display in second place with 17.8% of the revenue. Similarly, LG Display and Chinese BOE Technology has secured third and fourth position.

In other news, Samsung is also planning to build world’s largest OLED manufacturing plant. The company is planning to add 30% more capacity to produce phone displays than the current factory capacity. The new factory could produce displays at a high number of 270,000 per month by 2019. This could also increase the Samsung display revenues in the coming years since Apple plans to use OLED displays in all upcoming iPhones. Rumor suggests that Apple has already sent an order of OLED displays to Samsung in huge numbers. This order can be to fulfill the demands for the upcoming iPhone 8.

The first quarter of year was supposed to be off season according to the analysts.  Samsung is clearly one of the leading smart phone company  after Apple. This achievement for Samsung display is worth deserving because Samsung probably has the best displays among Android manufacturers. Do you guys think Samsung display deserves this award? Let us know in the comments below.