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Galaxy S23 will have thicker bezels than last year Galaxy S22


While the Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the awaited Samsung releases coming soon, there have been lots of leaks on the series details and functions. the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be featuring 3 models Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23+, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra same as the S22 series. While the previous series, Samsung galaxy S22 was undoubtedly successful, the new release is anticipated with a positive response as well. Let’s look at what the S23 leaks have to offer more about it.

From the source of the collective information provided by the leakster ice universe, the S23 series is set to have slightly thicker bezels than the S22 series. In the previous article, Ice universe had published dimensions details of the smartphone series. The s23 series were reported to have the same display dimensions as all of the smartphones. Now as we compare the upcoming release with the previous Galaxy S22, we can get the following details:


The S23 series supposedly has 0.15mm m thicker bezels than the current galaxy series. The bezels are equally thicker on all four sides of the smartphone. As the previous leaks suggest the s23 series is going to be 0.33mm taller and wider than the galaxy S22. These thicker bezels are going to account for the bigger smartphones all from the upcoming Samsung galaxy s23 release.

samsung galaxy s23 leaks

Similarly, comparing all the phones with the current releases we can see few differences in the compared smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S23+  is 0.4mm taller and wider than its predecessor. Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra is 0.1mm in height and +0.2mm in width than the predecessor. The smartphones from the new series will have a bulkier presence.

Comparison S22 S23S22+S23+S22 UltraS23 Ultra
Height 146.0mm146.3mm157.4mm157.8mm163.3mm163.4mm
Width 70.6mm70.9mm75.8mm76.2mm77.9mm78.1mm
Screen and display 6.1”6.1”6.6”6.6”6.8”6.8”
Depth 7.6mm7.6mm7.64mm7.6mm8.9mm8.9m

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So what are your thoughts on the upcoming highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S23 series? Share your thoughts on what features are you expecting from the S23 smartphone. Keep updated on our website for more leaks and releases.

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