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Samsung Galaxy S24 is expected to be the first device to support Wi-Fi 7


Successors to the Wi-Fi models 6 and 6E is on the way which will be known as Wi-Fi 7. Recent reports from the Digitimes reveal that the smartphones that support the Wi-Fi 7 will be out by the second half of 2024. As we all know, Samsung has always been on the top list to bring the latest version of Wi-Fi between Andriod OEM. So, as usual, again Samsung will be the pioneer to support Wi-Fi 7. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S24 is highly expected to be the first smartphone to support Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. 

Samsung Galaxy S 22
Samsung Galaxy S22

However, you might be thinking that Apple can also be the pioneer to support this connectivity. But this might not be. As Apple recently held its event for 2022 and all those devices got to stick with Wi-Fi 6. And now there’s no possibility to launch other iPhones this year. So analyzing the situation it’s the Galaxy S24 that will be crowned as a pioneer to feature the Wi-Fi 7. 

Features of Wi-Fi 7 

Wi-Fi 7 is expected to give 2.4x faster speed compared to its old version Wi-Fi 6 along with the citing values of up to 33Gbps. The device that supports Wi-fi 7 will be able to use 300Mhz channels. Furthermore, it will bring physical and medium access control (MAC) improvements while still working with existing 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequencies. Yow will get to see the first batch of Wi-Fi 7 home routers early in 2024. However, Qualcomm has already unveiled the Wifi 7 networking Pro series chip. As information is less for now. Stay connected to us. We will keep updating you if any hot news arrives in the market. 

So, are you excited about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 which might support Wi-Fi 7? Let us know below in the comment section.



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