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Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review: Affordable and Decent


The Samsung launched recent tab Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 has garnered attention for its modular design and pricing. Right from its inception, the tab A9 captivates with its sleek unibody design. Complementing along with decent display and Dolby Atmos speakers, elevating the audio experience to match the visual quality.

What’s striking is the pricing, coming in at NPR 21,499 for the 4/64GB. This device has been under close observation due to its well-rounded user experience and inclusion of essential accessories at an affordable rate. Hence, presenting the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 full review


The Samsung Galaxy A9 Tab showcases an impressive design that prioritizes both portability and aesthetics. With its slim 8mm thickness and lightweight 332g, the tablet is designed to be sleek and easy to handle. The dimensions of 211mm width and 124.7mm height strike a balance between a comfortably sized display and ergonomic single-handed use. However, one drawback is the absence of a stylus, limiting precision-based interactions such as drawing and note-taking. This could disappoint users who rely on these functionalities.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review-design

Additionally, the tablet’s non-dustproof and non-water-resistant build might pose durability challenges in certain environments. The exclusion of advanced features like tilt sensitivity, specific pen pressure levels, and a physical QWERTY keyboard might deter users seeking enhanced design functionalities. Furthermore, the undisclosed maximum operating temperature creates uncertainty about the device’s performance in diverse environmental conditions. 


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 boasts an 8.7-inch LCD that offers a resolution of 1340 x 800 pixels and a 60Hz refresh rate. This translates to a pixel density of 179 pixels per inch (PPI). While the screen size provides a comfortable viewing experience, the resolution and pixel density may not deliver the highest clarity and sharpness, especially for users who prioritize image quality. The absence of branded damage-resistant glass and anti-reflection coating could potentially impact the durability and readability of the screen in different lighting conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review-display

Furthermore, the device does not support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which limits its ability to deliver enhanced contrast, brightness, and color depth for a more realistic visual experience. This may disappoint users who are seeking superior image quality. The typical brightness level of the screen is undisclosed, leaving uncertainty about its performance in various lighting situations, whether indoors or under bright sunlight.

Additionally, important display specifications such as touch sampling rate, contrast ratio, working area (active surface area), and support for HDR10+ or Dolby Vision are not specified. These omissions could potentially affect the suitability of the tablet for certain tasks or preferences.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 appears to be equipped with substantial internal components tailored to provide a seamless and efficient user experience. Its generous storage capacity seems promising for accommodating a wide array of files, applications, and user-generated content, suggesting that users can enjoy ample space without concerns about running out of storage. The device’s RAM capacity indicates a capability for smooth multitasking and efficient handling of various applications simultaneously, potentially enhancing the overall user experience by ensuring quick access to data and seamless operation.

Powered by an advanced chipset, the tablet likely delivers robust processing power suitable for handling various tasks efficiently. Integrating LTE capability within the system promises faster connectivity speeds, offering users a smoother online experience.

While I played games like COD and PUBG with their maximum settings, the experience was modest. The tab doesn’t focus on gaming-intensive performance, though it performs fine and decent for occasional gaming experience. Notably, the device didn’t heat up and remained cool for the entire gaming time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review-performance

However, while the device seems promising in terms of its memory support and processing capabilities, the absence of certain security features and specific memory technologies might limit its appeal to users seeking heightened data protection or advanced error correction functionalities. The undisclosed aspects regarding certain performance-related details leave room for uncertainty about the tablet’s maximum potential in terms of memory expansion, CPU speed control, and other performance-oriented aspects.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 is equipped with an 8MP primary camera and a 2MP front-facing camera, providing users with a satisfactory yet modest photography experience. It is important to note that while the megapixel count indicates the resolution capability of the cameras, image quality is not solely dependent on this factor. The primary camera can record videos at a maximum resolution of 1080 x 30fps, which is suitable for everyday use but falls short when it comes to capturing higher-resolution videos.

One notable feature of this device is the inclusion of a flash, which proves to be useful in low-light environments and can also function as a flashlight when needed. The front camera serves its purpose well for video chats and taking selfies, although the 2MP resolution may not satisfy users who are looking for higher-definition self-portraits. Furthermore, the built-in HDR mode enhances the dynamic range in photos, resulting in more balanced and detailed shots.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review -Selfie

Unfortunately, users who are seeking creative or artistic photography options may be disappointed by the lack of in-camera panorama and slow-motion video capabilities. However, there is a positive aspect to the device as well. The touch autofocus feature makes it easy to focus quickly by simply touching the screen, making the process of capturing sharp images much simpler.

Regrettably, certain important details about the camera are undisclosed, such as optical zoom, aperture width, pixel size, and continuous shooting capabilities. This lack of information limits the ability to fully assess the camera’s versatility and performance in different scenarios. Despite this, the device does offer manual white balance adjustment, which allows users to achieve accurate color settings and create artistic effects.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 comes with a battery capacity of 5100mAh, which suggests that it has the potential for extended usage on a single charge. However, the manufacturer has not provided detailed information about the battery life during use. Nonetheless, this tablet supports fast charging and makes use of technologies like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge or MediaTek’s Pump Express, enabling rapid charging times. With compatible chargers, you can get up to a 50% charge in just 30 minutes. Unfortunately, users who were hoping for the convenience of Qi-enabled wireless charging may be disappointed, as this feature is not available. On a positive note, there is a battery level indicator that notifies users when the device is running low on power.

However, it’s worth noting that the battery is not removable, which means that users may have limited options for direct replacement or easy battery swaps. Despite these limitations and missing details, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9’s large battery capacity and support for fast charging are still noteworthy features that offer promising performance.

Other Features

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 is an exceptional tablet that prioritizes reliability and privacy for users who value both functionality and data security. With its strong Wi-Fi capabilities, it supports both Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) standards, guaranteeing seamless connectivity across different networks.

However, when it comes to SIM support, this device only accommodates a single SIM card. This limitation may not be ideal for individuals who require multiple carrier connections. Additionally, it lacks the Mail Privacy Protection feature found in the default email app. As a result, it is unable to block tracking pixels and hide IP addresses, potentially impacting the privacy of emails.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review-features

Although it may not have on-device machine learning functionalities like some of its competitors, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9, powered by Android 13, makes up for it by emphasizing user privacy strongly. A notable inclusion is the Clipboard Warnings feature, which alerts users whenever an application accesses clipboard data. This significant privacy enhancement provides users with greater control over their data and ensures their peace of mind.

Another impressive feature is the Location Privacy Options, which are available on Android 13. Users can now choose between sharing their precise location or opting for more generalized location information. This gives individuals more control over their privacy settings and allows them to make informed decisions regarding their location-sharing preferences.

Pros and Cons

Nicely built with metal backOnly 60Hz refresh rate
Decent PerformanceCamera quality is modest
Good Audio segment with stereo speakersCharging is comparatively slow

Verdict and competition

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 presents a blend of both highs and lows, offering a decent overall experience. Its sleek design, emphasizing both style and ease of handling, makes it a pleasure to carry around. However, the absence of a stylus might disappoint creative individuals reliant on precision interactions. The display, while sizable, lacks the absolute clarity some users might seek for detailed visuals, potentially affecting immersive experiences.

Performance-wise, the tablet shines with ample storage and smooth multitasking, ensuring it handles daily tasks without much hassle. Gaming experiences, while modest, remain satisfactory for casual gamers. Yet, it’s essential to note that it might not meet the expectations of gaming enthusiasts seeking high-performance devices.

The tablet’s privacy-focused features are commendable, enhancing user control over data privacy, although missing Mail Privacy Protection impacts email confidentiality. The camera setup, while serviceable for basic photography needs, might fall short for those craving advanced photography options or higher-resolution selfies.

Despite these limitations, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 impresses with its focus on user privacy, seamless connectivity, and respectable performance for everyday tasks. It might not excel in every aspect, but it strikes a balance suitable for individuals who value reliability and privacy over cutting-edge display and camera features.

Talking about competition in the current Nepali, when compared to other tablets in its class especially under Rs 30,000 /Rs 25,000 the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 stands out for its emphasis on privacy and solid performance. Alternatives might offer sharper displays, better camera capabilities, or stylus integration, catering to specific user preferences. For instance, tablets like Lenovo Tab M8 HD and Xiaomi Pad 6 might excel in display clarity and camera prowess but they come with a little advance in budget.

Choosing between these tablets becomes a matter of personal preference. If privacy, reliability, and decent performance are high on the priority list, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 proves to be a credible choice despite its limitations in certain areas.



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The Samsung launched recent tab Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 has garnered attention for its modular design and pricing. Right from its inception, the tab A9 captivates with its sleek unibody design. Complementing along with decent display and Dolby Atmos speakers, elevating the audio experience...Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Full Review: Affordable and Decent