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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s Battery Capacity Leaks


The Samsung Galaxy Z flip series is one of the most popular smartphones with a foldable screen. We have seen a lot of improvement in water dust resistance, battery life, and performance across the year with 3 generations. The leaks have arrived that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will pack a slightly larger battery.  

Battery Life

Samsung improved the third-generation Z Flip 3 with significant enhancements and a 31% price reduction, making the phone more desirable. However, because the Flip series had a small battery capacity, battery life was one of the most compliant specifications. The phone has two batteries, one in each half, which combined power for longer battery life.


According to the leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 will come with two batteries that are rated for 2,400 mAh and 903 mah making the Z flip 4 total capacity 3,303 mAh which is just slightly more than the previous generation Galaxy Z flip 3

The flip 4 gets a 103 mAh battery upgrade over the Z flip 3, which isn’t a huge gain over the Z flip 3’s battery capacity, which got a 69-hour endurance rating and is still anticipated to struggle with battery life. Although battery capacity is important for battery life, there is another factor to consider: software optimization. Hopefully, there will be an improvement in efficiency with a few software tweaks to improve battery life. 

Pricing of Samsung Z Flip 4

Furthermore, while there are no strong leads, it is estimated that it will cost roughly $999 in the US market based on prior appearances. While no official announcement has been made in Nepal, we can expect it to launch for roughly Rs 1,22,599 here.

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