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“Grand Opening of Samsung’s Premium Experience Store in Kamaladi”


Samsung has firmly established its footprint within Nepal’s dynamic technological sphere, captivating the populace with its array of ingenious electronic offerings and avant-garde solutions. From smartphones seamlessly merging style and utility to intelligent TVs reshaping how we experience entertainment, Samsung has undeniably etched itself as a household name synonymous with unrivaled quality and groundbreaking innovation across Nepal.

Samsung inaugurates new Premium Samsung Experience Store
Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung inaugurates new Premium Samsung Experience Store

With ever-growing popularity in the Nepalese market, Samsung proudly inaugurated its exclusive Premium Experience Store in the heart of Kamaladi. The distinguished occasion saw the notable presence of none other than Mr. Jong Bum Park, the President and CEO of Samsung for Southwest Asia. This noteworthy inauguration took place on the first of August in the year 2023.

IMS Group, the official importer of Samsung mobile phones, has launched this premium store at Kamaladi. According to IMS Group, this special store will display everything Samsung has to offer and make sure that customers can easily decide what to buy. They also added that “It’s all about giving customers a great experience and making shopping easier.”

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The store provides customers with top-notch consumer experiences. IMS Group has set up this store so that people can get a taste of the entire Samsung ecosystem. People can come in and check out all of Samsung’s products, including smartphones, cool stuff like Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Smartwatches that work together, tablets, monitors, accessories, and TVs. IMS targets this store to be a one-stop shop for everything Samsung has to offer.

Dedicated Gaming Zone for Gaming enthusiasts

This premium store also has a dedicated gaming area designed for enthusiastic young gamers. This area was created just for them and has top-of-the-line Samsung monitors that provide an unmatched gaming experience. It’s a special area where gamers can get lost in their preferred games and take advantage of the best visual performance that these high-end Samsung monitors have to offer.

Financing services

Another lucrative service this store has is its financing services exclusively for Samsung Customers. Visitors to the store also have the opportunity to make use of Samsung Insta Finance. This convenient financial solution from Samsung comes with a 0% interest rate on EMI, making it easy for individuals to access lending options. This, in turn, enables them to buy or upgrade their preferred mobile phones at minimal cost.

Further, This high-end Samsung Experience Store is intended to provide customers with a high-quality shopping experience while also encouraging deeper and more meaningful engagement with the brand.


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