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Samsung Unveils its Smallest Camera Sensor – ISOCELL JN1 


The South Korean tech giant Samsung has finally unveiled its latest camera sensor for smartphones after announcing its initiation back in February. Also, the giant has started mass production of the newly introduced camera sensor.

The ISOCELL JN1 is Samsung’s smallest camera sensor of 0.64-micrometer equipped with the latest pixel technologies, including ISOCELL 2.0, Smart-ISO, Double Super PDAF, and other advanced technologies. With these advanced technologies, the JN1 can, undoubtedly, capture more vivid images on the smallest 50 mp camera sensor.

Mr. Duckhyun Chang, the executive vice president of the sensor business at Samsung Electronics, said, “Samsung’s advanced pixel technologies have once again pushed boundaries with the utmost precision to develop an image sensor with the industry’s smallest pixel size, yet with powerful performance. The new ISOCELL JN1 at 0.64μm will be able to equip tomorrow’s sleekest smartphones with ultra-high resolution mobile photographs.”

The sensor is compatible with every smartphone, from mid-range to flagship smartphones. The ISOCELL JN1 has different features and advanced tech embedded within the chip that is bound to enhance the user’s photography experience and fall for the quality of photos and videos they capture.

Some major advanced technology embedded in the chip includes ISOCELL 2.0, Smart-ISO, and Double Super PD Technology.


The ISOCELL 2.0 technology employed in the new sensor provides advanced pixel resolution and reduces the cross-talk. Moreover, Samsung claims that the ISOCELL tech and added enhancement have improved the light sensitivity by about 16 percent.

Moreover, its tetrapixel tech bins four-to-one pixels to quadruple the light sensitivity for low-light environments.



Furthermore, the Samsung ISOCELL JN1 has Smart-ISO. So, what is Smart-ISO? It is basically a technology that changes the conversion gain based on the environment’s illumination level and enhances your photo quality. With Smart-ISO, your camera automatically uses low ISO mode in a bright environment to gracefully retain the highlighted details. It uses high ISO in a low-lit environment to reduce noise and improve photo quality.

Double Super PD Technology

The newly introduced ISOCELL JN1 integrates Double Super PD tech that allows faster auto-focus. The technology is an improvised version of previous Super PD tech with hits higher density of pixels. The Double Super PD Technology also provides the same auto-focus performance even in 60 percent fewer illumination levels.

 The ISOCELL JN1, with all these advanced features equipped in a small 1/ 2.76-inch optical format, is claimed by Samsung to be its most versatile image sensor to date. The sensor is compatible with front-facing, ultra-wide, or telephoto cameras, along with a wide camera option.

So, with this advanced camera sensor, the users can take high-quality, detailed selfies and photos in the astounding 50 mp resolution, high-quality videos with 4k resolution @ 60fps and 1080p @ 240 fps, along with high-zoom ratios, depending upon the smartphone. Let’s hope that smartphones with the latest ISOCELL JN1 will enter the Nepales market soon.

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