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Unleashing Power and Finesse: Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound tower


Samsung, a worldwide technological leader, provides a wide range of cutting-edge products ranging from smartphones to appliances, symbolizing innovation that improves all aspects of modern living. Samsung’s vast portfolio continues to redefine possibilities across many industries with a commitment to quality and innovation. Now, Samsung has brought in some high-quality sound towers. Without further delay let’s dive straight into Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound tower Price in Nepal along with its availability and specifications.

Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound Tower Price in Nepal

Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound Tower Price in Nepal:

Samsung has placed this particular gadget at a slightly expensive price. However, the sound quality it offers is truly worth every penny. Talking about Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound Tower Price in Nepal, it costs NPR 66,990. If you’re wondering where you can purchase this product, you can visit your nearest Samsung stores and also via their official website.

ModelPrice in Nepal
Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound TowerNPR 66,990

Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound Tower Overview:

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung MX-T50/XL has a sleek and modern appearance that integrates with a range of interior settings. The tower’s tiny size undermines its tremendous audio capabilities, making it appropriate for both small flats and larger living rooms. The matte finish and minimalistic control panel add to the overall visual appeal. The build quality is excellent, demonstrating Samsung’s dedication to durability and endurance.


The 500W sound output of the Samsung MX-T50/XL delivers a rich and powerful music experience. The dual speaker arrangement of the tower, which includes a 6.5-inch woofer and a 2-inch tweeter, improves both bass response and high-frequency clarity. The power output of the tower assures tremendous volume levels with minimal distortion, making it an excellent choice for parties or gatherings.

Furthermore, Users can also customize the audio output to match their preferences and settings thanks to the availability of numerous sound modes, including Standard, Party, and Outdoor. The Party setting, for example, boosts vocalists and amplifies the bass to create a more dynamic ambiance.

Samsung MX-T50/XL 500W Sound Tower Price in Nepal


Talking about connectivity on this device, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and FM radio are among the connectivity choices available on the Samsung MX-T50/XL. Likewise, the Bluetooth connections on this device are effortless. This allows for easy pairing with a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The addition of a USB connector increases flexibility by allowing users to play audio directly from USB drives.

Convenience and Other Features

Also worth noting is its incredible convenience. Most users might refrain from purchasing a sound tower solely due to its inconvenience. However, that is not the case with this product. The tower has an integrated carry handle for convenient transfer between rooms or even to outdoor activities. On top of that the tower’s control panel and remote control provide extensive control over playback, volume, and sound settings.

The Samsung MX-T50/XL’s “Bi-Directional Sound” technology is famous for its goal of dispersing audio in a 360-degree pattern, delivering a more immersive experience regardless of the listener’s position in the room. While the technique improves overall sound dispersal, its efficiency varies depending on the acoustics of the room.

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