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Samsung leads the Global Smartphone Market as the No. 1 Smartphone Brand


 The year 2020 is finally getting over, and it was a hell of a year. Finishing off the year, we have some good news for Samsung. As the quarterly reports from research firms IDC and Canalys are out for the third quarter of 2020, it shows Samsung has topped the list for the no.1 smartphone brand in the world, if the number of shipped units are taken into consideration.


According to the report, Samsung claimed 22.4% of the total market share in the third quarter, leading Huawei, which had a massive 23% drop in product shipments across international markets and its home country, China. As we all know, Huawei was at the top of the list during the second quarter. But as things started to get normal after COVID-19 and people started to look out for affordable devices, Samsung turned the table toward their side.

Smartphone quarter3 report 2020

‘A’ and ‘M’ series doing Great for Sales

Samsung is growing exponentially in countries like India, one of the world’s biggest smartphone markets. Samsung is keen to provide there affordable value for money devices from there M series in the county. Even while talking about the US market, Samsung launched commendable devices from the Note series and ‘A’ line of devices. 

Huawei, on the other hand, has been forced to restrict its smartphone production. The US government has barred all semiconductor manufacturers from supplying Huawei with chips built with US software or technology.

The smartphone rankings for Q3.

How much will Apple sell in Q4?

The ICD and Canalys report also suggested that the Smartphone demand in the North American region was decreased. The main reason for that was Apple’s announcement stating that they will be launching their new iPhones in October instead of September. Also, there was a high demand for 5G iPhones for this reason. As the iPhones have been launched and are doing well with their sales, it will be interesting to see the market scenario for the last quarter of 2020 and see some major changes after the results are published.


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