Samsung patents a new technology that charges Li-ion battery in 12 minutes

For the past couple of years, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has been working to develop technologies that will revolutionize battery charging. Previously SAIT made a technological breakthrough in cadmium-free Quantum Dot materials which is currently being used in Samsung’s high-end flagship QLED TVs. This time SAIT has developed and patented “Graphene ball” which will make lithium-ion batteries last 45 percent longer and charge about five times faster than before.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is considered a miracle material in the electronics industry because of its strength, electrical conductivity, and elasticity. It is a form of carbon which is a single sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a lattice and is very light and strong. Due to its property, it can be used to develop smaller and slimmer batteries that last longer.

Graphene ball microscopic Image

According to Samsung, the graphene-based battery will take 12 minutes to be fully charged and have 45% more capacity than the previously used batteries in smartphones. This battery is stable up to 60 degrees so explosion problems in batteries can easily be avoided. Temperature resistance in this battery can also be exploited to use this technology for electric vehicles.

Currently, this technology is still in the development phase. It still has to pass through a lot of testing for commercial applications. But in the near future, we may have this technology in our hands. A breakthrough like this is what makes our day to day gadgets possible.

Tell us what you think about this news. How excited you are to have such technologies in your smartphones in the near future?