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Samsung phones batteries reported expanding once again: Learn Recent Battery issues 


Batteries have so much value on one’s devices as they are the life of technology. However, recently there have been seen a few errors and problems related to a brand’s smartphone battery. Samsung one of the dominating tech giant in the world, founded in Korea have quite a reputation among its flagship smartphones. But recently, these smartphones are having quite some issues regarding their batteries expanding. Let’s get into Samsung phone batteries expanding issues right away:

Samsung smartphones batteries have once again started to expand

Samsung phone batteries expanding

The popular YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss has recently posted a video featuring such details when he compared galaxy smartphones with google smartphones, Asus smartphones as well as iPhones. These smartphones were all stored in the exact same environment and temperature with the same clipping mechanism and the same space constraints. But, the results shown were somehow Samsung galaxy smartphones’ battery issues were limited to themselves. 

If we look at the back, Samsung has been facing such battery issues for a long time. One of the scariest series of events took place with the galaxy note 7 smartphones in 2016. These devices caught on a series of fiery mess after their lithium-ion batteries exploded. Galaxy note 7 wiped out more than a third of Samsung electronics. Cos quarterly profits that year. Thankfully, there had been no loss of life or serious injuries reported due to note 7 battery fires. 

Recently, this issue isn’t limited only to galaxy note 7. Youtuber Arun Rupesh miani (Mrwhosetheboss) first noticed his galaxy note 8 battery had swollen so much up to the point where the rear covers of the phone split up. Later, the galaxy S6, and the galaxy S10 followed the same suit.  Samsung immediately took action and collected his phones for further investigation. However, Samsung hasn’t updated miani until this date. 

What makes the case weirder is other people are facing similar issues especially, YouTuber Matt Anishi claimed

” Every 3+ year old Samsung phone we had in storage at the office had their batteries expanded like this…every single one.”

Now many users and reviewers have been agreeing on a similar issue. Youtuber miani then proceeded to check his other smartphones and found shocking results. The rest of the devices included three casualties, Galaxy s8, galaxy S10E, and his very own youtube channel engraved galaxy S10 5g by Samsung. But the shocking addition to the hunt was even the galaxy Z fold 2. One of the Samsung flagship foldable phones. 

What is causing these batteries to expand?

image of galaxy note 7 caught in fire

If we go back to the case of the galaxy note 7, Samsung pointed out battery faults in both designing as well as manufacturing processes. The problems centered on insufficient insulation material within the batteries and a design that did not give enough room to safely accommodate the batteries’ electrodes.

But about the recent battery expansion, there haven’t been any official statements. Youtuber miani continues the video by connecting to Zach from JerryRigEverything. Zach another YouTuber who creates content based on phone disassembling agreed on the battery expansion issue. What he has to fault is the electrolyte, the liquid that ions move within the battery is decomposing and releasing a gas resulting in the battery swelling. Zach states that he would be very nervous about charging batteries in such states. 

Do we have to be careful?

There haven’t been any conclusive actions regarding the expandable batteries taken down yet. While many have noticed the faults in the Samsung batteries, it is yet to confirm the issue officially. The Samsung phones that are featured in the miani’s video are the ones that are reported to be stored for a long time and haven’t been used Regularly. Whereas according to Sammobile, they haven’t found any issues on their over 100 older Samsung phones. As for now, there haven’t been any similar issues regarding other brands. However, battery expansion can lead to severe issues like an explosion, which isn’t fun. This leads to serious injuries and even death. So let’s keep an eye on any further changes and prioritize what comes next regarding the issue. 

If you own a Samsung device and face similar problems, the best to do is immediately contact a Samsung service center. We advise you to not panic yet, but however, stay alert. We will soon update more about the Samsung phone batteries expanding updates.

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