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Samsung Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 to launch without depth-sensing cameras


Samsung is trying to get closer to the new brand’s camera allied notions next year, according to its new report from Korea.

Reputedly, Samsung has decided to drop the useless depth-sensing cameras from the back of its upcoming invention of Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 models, which has been due to be released in 2023.

samsung galaxy a-series

It won’t remove the useless macro cams from these models, so it’s trying to stop halfway in its journey to become more like Nothing– the company has just announced its new invention models with only two camera sensors: The main one and the ultrawide.

For the past few years, there has been an open secret in the industry that mid-rangers having that range of price actually can only have two useful cameras, the main one and the ultrawide, but the manufacturers sensed the need to dress their rear with at least one extra unit, if not possible then two- a depth sensor here, a monochrome one there, a macro cam somewhere too.

The same report declares that Galaxy A24 will arrive with a 50 MP main sensor, an 8 MP ultrawide, and a 5MP macro cam, whereas the A34 will have a 48MP main camera and the remaining two others the same. Now speaking about the A54, which comes under the highest end of this model, will only have a 5MP ultrawide shooter, which will sit alongside 50MP main snapper and it is woefully still mandatory for Samsung 5MP macro cam.

Analyzing the leaked report, it makes sense that Samsung will use the resources and won’t spend on putting depth sensors in phones in aim to strengthen the essential camera specifications of the other sensors.

As per the details, Galaxy A34 will be said to have launched in March next year, whereas the Galaxy A54 was due to arrive a month later.

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