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Samsung responds back to defend its accusation on Fake Moon !!


The latest controversy on Samsung using Fake moons to showcase the final shots on its S23 Ultra space zoom feature has risen, and finally, the company has spoken against it. Samsung has clearly denied such accusations claiming them to be false and explaining that AI optimization has a big hand in such clear images. Let’s get into it. 

Samsung Responds to Fake moon accusation  

So the controversy begins with a Reddit post claiming that the Samsung “ Space zoom” moon shots are fake, along with its proof points. This post claims that Samsung creates additional textures and details for moon images rather than the AI detecting and enhancing the moon’s image quality and details. 

The experiment was done using a blurry moon photo and even when the moon was blurred creating no possible data for the AI to process. Somehow the final product ended up with more lunar details than the original image had. 

New Project 2023 03 16T165758.282
Original Photo of a high-resolution image
New Project 2023 03 16T165434.058 1
Add the process of getting blurred
New Project 2023 03 16T165623.329
Samsung’s Final image

Samsung has now released its statement regarding the issue through tom’s Guide stating 

“Samsung is committed to delivering best-in-class photo experiences in any condition.

When a user takes a photo of the Moon, the AI-based scene optimization technology recognizes the Moon as the main object and takes multiple shots for multi-frame composition, after which AI enhances the details of the image quality and colours. It does not apply any image overlaying to the photo.

Users can deactivate the AI-based Scene Optimizer, which will disable automatic detail enhancements to the photo taken by the user.” 

Now what one might think of these claims on either Samsung is actually using a fake moon and falsely advertising the space zoom feature or not is an opinion of one individual. However, while The Reddit post does make its points, so does Samsung’s belief in its AI and best photo experiences in any condition. 

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