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Did Apple’s Vision Pro cause the delay of Samsung’s XR headset?


According to a report by SBS Biz, Samsung‘s highly anticipated Extended Reality (XR) headset, originally slated for a February 2024 release, has encountered a setback and is now facing a delay of 3 to 6 months. Here we will discuss the reasons for Samsung’s XR headset delay and when can users expect it to launch.

Samsung's XR headset delay

According to a source in the Korean media, Samsung had initially planned to start mass-producing its XR headset in early 2024. However, the Korean giant has decided to completely reevaluate the features and layout of the XR headset in reaction to Apple’s Vision Pro‘s impressive capabilities. The Samsung XR headset’s debut has thus been further delayed as a result.

Apple had recently given a sneak peek at its Apple Vision Pro on the 5th of June 2023. Despite its hefty price tag, users find it to be promising and a leap toward the virtual world.

Samsung's XR headset delay

However, things are not going smoothly for any of the tech giants, while Samsung had to reevaluate the specs and design of its newest XR headsets, Apple is reported to be facing production issues as Apple targets to sell a million units during the first month of its launch.

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