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Samsung Unveils ‘Galaxy AI’: Promising Seamless Communication and a Glimpse into the Future


The tech market has been flooded with AI technologies lately and Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind. Today, the company announced a new era of AI with “Galaxy AI.” But what does that mean for you? Well, one exciting example they provided is called AI Live Translate Call. In this article, we shall dive into further details of Samsung’s Galaxy AI and how it can benefit its users.

Samsung’s Galaxy AI:

Samsung’s Galaxy AI is the latest and futuristic innovation that Samsung has to offer. Although all its capabilities and features have not yet been revealed. Samsung has given a sneak peek of the AI live translate call. With AI Live Translate Call, Samsung aims to make your life easier by offering a personal translator right on your phone. This feature will be integrated into your native calling function, so you won’t need any third-party apps.

Samsung's Galaxy AI

When you’re on a call, both audio and text translations will appear in real-time as you speak, and the best part is that it all happens on your device, ensuring your privacy.

Samsung has made a bold statement by announcing that this will make talking to someone in another language as simple as turning on closed captions while watching a show. However, the big question is whether it will work as smoothly in practice as it sounds.

Samsung has been teasing a big AI push with the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, set to be unveiled on January 17. The mention of the “latest Galaxy AI phone” is a clear hint at this.

What is Galaxy AI?

So, what exactly is “Galaxy AI”? According to Samsung, it’s a comprehensive mobile AI experience that combines on-device AI developed by Samsung with cloud-based AI through collaborations with other industry leaders. This is meant to enhance your everyday mobile experience while ensuring the security and privacy you expect from the Galaxy brand.

Samsung claims that Galaxy is uniquely positioned to harness AI’s potential, as it puts the “power of openness” right in your hands. In simpler terms, they believe that other phones can’t provide this level of AI integration.

Coming early next year, Galaxy AI aims to break down common barriers to communication and make your life easier. We’re left wondering if this means Samsung will rebrand their virtual assistant Bixby as Galaxy AI. For the time being, everything is a bit mysterious, but we’ll learn more in January. We will certainly learn more about it when Samsung releases more details about it.

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