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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxies may arrive with a satellite connectivity feature


Satellite connectivity is an artificial communication satellite that transmits the signals via a transponder that creates a channel between the transmitter and the receiver at different locations on the earth. With the help of a satellite connection, mobile phone users can establish a connection with the satellite and be able to do an emergency call when there’s no cellular signal coverage. 

Different brands have already introduced these features to their devices. As recently Apple’s new iPhone 14 series (iPhone14, iPhone 14 plus, iPhone 14 Pro, & iPhone 14 Pro Max) has launched with a satellite connectivity feature. Whereas, Huawei has also introduced a similar feature with its Mate 50 series: Mate 50 & Mate 50 Pro. So, the hot news here is another well-recognized brand, Samsung is rumored to bring satellite connectivity to their upcoming future galaxy devices. This news was leaked from a tipster’s Ricciolo social media platform. 

Samsung Galaxy

Talking about the satellite features offered by the Apple 14s and Huawei Mate 50 series are different. The Mate 50 series allows users to send short text messages via china’s global BeiDou satellite network. As comes to the iPhone 14s, Apple uses the Globalstar network for the Emergency SOS feature.

However, it’s still unclear what service will Samsung be using. If Samsung introduces this feature to its new upcoming galaxy, it will be going add an extra feature that might attract customers to the market. Let’s see, which network will Samsung introduce to its upcoming Galaxy devices. Till then stay connected to us. We will keep updating you if any hot news touches the market. 

So, what do you think will Samsung be using satellite features in the upcoming Galaxy devices? Which network will it be using? Let us know, down below in the comment section…


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