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Slap Neta: A Fun Nepali Game

Are you tired of corrupt politician of Nepal , management system and you blame the government for it? You hate them and have a deep profound mistrust for all politicians and want to express your anger towards then while having fun. You are meant to play Slap Neta if that’s the case. Slap Neta, developed by Chipleti is a Nepali app and claims it to be the first 3D game of Nepal. The main purpose of the app is to release your anger towards the corrupt politician of our nation.

Slap Neta Game Menu

The game has a very simple UI. The control of the game is very simple. There is basically four controls — Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Swipe Left and Swipe Right. Each times you slap a neta he comes with a comeback saying words against you which may be really offensive so watch out on that The game menu contains a feature called FUN STUFFS. It contains of multiple choices to listen to different speech by Netas i.e. Netas Bhasan in different mode with different topics.

In the main Play Game section, you can hit Neta 50 slaps. Each time you slap the politician, he tells words against you. You go to the next level after you have competed 50 slaps where you get a timelimit to hit the neta. You have to hit 90 times in 40 sec. The game puts forward different Challenges after completing each level. This game can be good time pass when you are bored. You can play this game and enjoy the slang used by the Neta and also the funny speech.

Game Play

Considering the Gameplay, the game still needs improvement in its controls. The controls aren’t that smooth and reactive. It sometimes misjudges the direction of the slap. It says to swipe but also works while we tap. The game could have been better if there were different selection of Politicians and their voice. The speech sometimes can be hard to understand due to the disturbed voice. The game still needs a lot of improvements.

To install Slap Neta on Android : CLICK HERE


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