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Smartphone Camera Explained

Have you ever thought, why Samsung didn’t include a 16MP front camera on a smartphone that cost more than 1 lakh rupees (Yes, I’m talking about Samsung Galaxy Note9) when Samsung Galaxy J8 that only cost RS.33,490 has a 16MP front camera? Is that because they have to cut some corners to make the device not so expensive?

Well, Samsung does know the fact that having a big number of “Megapixel” does not make a camera great, so instead they went for a good camera sensor to improve low light selfies, a wide-angle lens to capture more and added an auto-focus feature to make sure you will be in focus every time when you take selfies from Galaxy Note9.

In general, when we talk about the smartphone camera the first thing that comes to our mind is “How many Megapixels does it have?”. We believe that the smartphone camera which has a high number of Megapixel is better. Actually, this is what smartphone companies made us believe through their marketing campaigns and now they are doing the same thing with the Dual cameras and AI features.


So in this video, we are going to share what are things that actually matter on a smartphone camera to take great images.


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