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South Korea to be the first to launch a 6G network in the world 


While in places like our country, where the 5G network is just starting to gain its test trial, leading countries in terms of tech are preparing to advance the network even more. 5G is the latest network that had wide growth by 2022 almost all around the world. But before the network settles as a necessity all over the world, South Korea has already announced its plan for a 6G Network as well. Let’s look into it. 

South Korea 6G network

South Korea announced on Monday that the country will be launching its own 6G network service in 2028. The launch is scheduled two years earlier, as announced by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT. The plan aims to develop innovative software-based next-generation mobile networks and strengthen the network supply chain.

korean ministry of science, IT and future planning

For now, the ministry is conducting a feasibility study for a research and development project on core 6G technologies. The project is estimated to be worth 625.3 billion won (roughly $482.1 million). 

The plan will promote and encourage local companies to produce materials, parts, and equipment for 6G technology development in the country. This includes the development of RAN that will be compatible with any mobile device for easy flexible services.  

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South Korea is one of the top global competitors for the 5G network pace as well. According to the German analysis firm IPlytics, South Korea accounted for 25.9 percent of the number of 5G patents by 2022, close to China with 26.8 percent.

With the 6G network, the South Korean government targets more than 30% or more in 6G patents.

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