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How To Stay Away From WannaCry Ransomware Attacks ?

A ransomware virus WanaCryptor 2.0 has been spreading aggressively around the globe which has affected over 100,000 computers in more than 100 countries. The attacked started at 7:00 GMT which quickly spread worldwide in a matters of hours. The virus locks the user from the computer and releases a notice demanding for the $300 worth of bitcoin by May 15. The victim also see a countdown timer threatening to delete all the data if they fail to pay in time.

What is ransomware ?

Ransomware is an advance malware that restricts the user from accessing the computer by encrypting the user’s files and then displays a ransom note for the decryption key. The note claims to be from the police, FBI or other law enforcement agency. The malware even displays your country and note from the corresponding local police force. The ransom note claims that the device was used for viewing illegal content through the internet. The malware often goes undetected by antivirus because it uses an evasive tactics which makes certain that it stays below the radar of the antivirus products, cyber security and the law enforcement agencies.

Should you pay the ransom ?


When the victim is terrorized for his/her data and can’t find the way the only things that comes in mind is to pay the attacker. But this really doesn’t solve your problem, you never negotiate with a criminal. Paying ransom doesn’t guarantee your access to your data and you might be fooled by the hacker. Also, the attacker might blackmail you even more to pay additionally.

How do you get infected ?

The ransomware gets infected to your computer through various sources. One way of getting infected is by opening an spam email which looks like the regular documents. Also when you open certain malicious websites set up by hackers for spreading the virus to the victims. The virus can even spread from the legitimate websites which are compromised by the ransomware itself.

Ransonware Attacks on Map
Ransonware Attacks on Map

How to protect your data and device ?

There are number of ways that you can apply to your computers to prevent yourself from being the victim. Although, these techniques are as simple as they can be, they can really prevent yourself from the attackers. Use these methods to lower the chances of your data being exposed to the hackers.

Back up your data

If you backup your data and update it in regular basis then you just slapped into the face of the ransomware. The sole purpose of the ransomware is to deny your access to your data. This ensures that their blackmail to delete your data fails terribly. You can restore your system to an earlier setup with all your documents from the backup.

Data Backup
Data Backup

Install Microsoft fix MS17-010

The patch was released by Microsoft on March 14 shortly after NSA became aware of its exploit being stolen. The patch restricts the WanaCry to penetrate the system securing the PC user from the vulnerabilities. This is an easy fix which you should adapt right away. Another thing you can do is to install patches released from your OS developer regularly.

Install Microsoft fix MS17-010
Install Microsoft fix MS17-010

Install Antivirus

If you have Antivirus in your computer which uses real time protection and updated regularly then updated from your corresponding antivirus company must already be on progress. This new update make sure that the virus doesn’t remain under the radar and
takes immediate action against it when found.

Antivirus software
Antivirus software

Do not open unknown emails

Many victims has been claiming that spam emails are also a cause of spreading of the virus. Especially, you should avoid emails with .EXE extensions and from unknown sources. Also, do not open external links from an email if the sender is not in your contacts. Many of the users has been victimized due to opening spam and unwanted mails.

These are few tricks and tips to secure your computer to stay safe. Ransomware Wanacryptor 2.0 has been spreading wildly and attacking a lot of computers. It is only a matter of time before the hackers might get to your device compromising data. Better be safe than sorry, at least that is what we say to our viewers and followers. Although, these tips might not be entirely useful in case of an attack but backing up your data earlier can save a lot of troubles later. Do share this methods to your friends and family.



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