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Subisu in collaboration with Nokia develops 400 Gbps Single Optical Fiber Network


Subisu joins hands with Nokia to enhance the internet experience of its users. Subisu, one of the renowned Internet Service Providers in Nepal, has launched a 400Gbps single Optical Fiber Network.

Previously after the alluring offer of CG Net, the network service providers compete to provide the best speed and quality network service at a lower price. Subisu has not remained untouched by this competition in the endeavor to attract more customers with high-speed internet.

SUBISU has collaborated with Nokia to stretch its fiber solution from east to west by 1500km diameter throughout the country.  With this collaboration, Subisu aims to fulfill the escalating demand for high-speed and high-quality internet and intranet services for its retail and corporate customers.

subisu 500gbps fibernet

Subisu 400 Gbps Single Optical Fiber

The alliance with Nokia in the 400 Gbps single optical fiber deployment will surely enhance the growing bandwidth and create new market opportunities for Subisu.

As for the Optical Fiber, Subisu has brought in the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) platform that supports Photonic Service Engine (PSE) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM). 

Moreover, the single fiber solution is bound to improve the fiber capacity and strength of Subisu. Besides, the scalable switch will also reduce the Total Cost of Ownership extending the life cycles of the network.

“We have been working with Nokia for a long time, and Nokia’s industry-leading products and solutions are helping to provide high-speed and high-quality broadband services to Subisu’s customers. Nokia is the sole vendor for this important project, and its solutions have enabled us to provide customers with a high level of experience and service through our services.,” says Vinay Mohan Saud, the CEO of Subisu.

The high-speed 400 Gbps Single Optical Fiber Network will allow Subisu to provide a multi-terabit capacity network through a single fiber. Let’s hope that this innovation will meet today’s demand for high-quality and speedy internet service.


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