Swing Copter
Swing Copter

Swing Copter- Yet Another Addicted Game

Swing Copter game is created by Dong Nguyen, Yes the same guy who created popular Flappy Bird game. Though he didn’t put back Flappy Bird game in apps store to download instead he came up with this insanely hard game called Swing Copter.

When I saw Swing Copter is available to download from Google Playstore and iOS Apps store, without wasting time I downloaded it and start playing. At first, I was ripped out by the game. I knew I have to tap the screen but still, I was clueless. I even couldn’t score 1 after many tries. The copter was moving too fast (left and right), making this game more difficult to play.

I thought this is too hard to play but later I figure out how to make copter going upward without hitting the obstacles. I was just tapping on the screen too fast which was wrong. Timing is key to success here. You have to tap at the right time to avoid the optical. Once you figure it out when to tap then you will find this game more interesting. And I’m sure you will waste lots of your time playing this game. I must say, Dong Nguyen has done it again. He created yet another addicting game for us.

Right now Swing Copter is available to download on Google Playstore and iOS apps store. For windows phone users you have to wait for a while. So go ahead and download Swing Copter. The highest score while writing this post was 69. My score so far is 2 (LOL). Let us know your score in the comment section below.

Download: Swing Copter (Android & iOS)