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TechTrix Nepal – 2022: One of the Biggest Tech Event in Nepal is running at its Full Pace


TechTrix Nepal is one of the biggest tech events happening in the country. TechTrix Nepal 2022 is a technology fair/event, organized by the Society of Information Technology Students (SITS). The main event builds up from a series of pre-events (boot camps, talk shows, etc.). Since 2018, SITS has organized two editions of TechTrix with massive participation of 5000+ attendees. Since then, the event is organized every year in a similar feat. TechTrix connects hundreds of programmers, developers, designers, innovators, learners, and enthusiasts of mainly the IT industry. 

What is TechTrix Nepal doing?


TechTrix Nepal hosts its 2-day mega-events but before that, we go through a series of micro-events every week. Even this year, SITS have already organized various event with the industry leaders who are the best in their business. This year we have already seen events like:

●  Talk Show on Big Data with Mr. Success Malla

This was the first talk show and first pre-event of TechTrix-2022 along with  Guest Speaker Mr. Success Malla, and the Women in Big Data(WIBD) team. Despite being the first event for the season, this event saw participation from a huge number and made the audience know more about Big Data and also the involvement of Women in Big Data.

●  Bootcamp on UI/UX with Mr. Samar Adhikari

UI/UX designing is a hot topic in the tech field. This is one of those skills that can land you a job easily as it is in high demand. TechTrix hosted UI/UX Bootcamp on the 11th, 12th & 13th of June along with Mr. Samar Adhikari, who is currently indulged with HammerLab Creations as a game developer.

●  Talk show on Web 3.0 & Blockchain with Mr. Bibek Koirala

Blockchain & Web 3.0 are the newest and hottest topic in the field of tech today. Everyone is eager and excited to know more about these topics. TechTrix Nepal hosted a talk show with industry expert Mr. Bibek Koirala on 12th June. This talk show saw great interest from youngsters, who were interested in topics like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Web 3.0. 

●  Talk show on Sales & Business with Mr. Rajat Acharya

TechTrix Nepal hosted a talk show on “Sales & Marketing” with Mr. Rajat Acharya as the speaker. The talk show had almost 100+ attendees and was one of the most successful pre-events for this year’s TechTrix season. All the secrets behind making money in IT even without programming, design, technical skills, and much more were discussed in the event. 

  • Talk show on Cyber Security in Nepal with Mr. Nirmal Dahal

TechTrix Nepal hosted a Talk show on the topic, Cyber Security in Nepal on the 18th of June. Mr. Nirmal Dahal was the speaker and the event saw participation in huge numbers. 

  • 5-Day Bootcamp on React Js with Mr. Sonesh Khatry

Bootcamp on React Js was also a major hit. Mr. Sonesh Khatry was the instructor for the Bootcamp which took place for more than 5 days from the 25th of June to June 30. Sonesh Khatry has ample experience in this field as he is employed as an Associate Software Engineer.

  • 3-Day Bootcamp on Flutter with Mr. Damodar Lohani

This is the latest event on the list. A Flutter Bootcamp was organized from the 2nd to the 4th of July. Mr. Damodar Lohani, a software Engineer of Appwrite along with Ambika Dulal, Aadarsha Dhakal & Khadga Bahadur Shrestha hosted Flutter Bootcamp for TechTrix and it was a huge success with numerous active participants. 

TechTrix Nepal 2022: Mega Event

techtrix nepal mega event

The TechTrix’s primary event, the hackathon, will take place on the 13th and 14th of Shrawan (29th & 30th July) with a total cash prize of NPR.100,000. This year, TechTrix anticipates 5000+ attendees for the main event and nearly 200+ participants for the Hackathon. The hackathon will lead to other events like:

●  Project Demonstration

●  Job Placement Fair

●  Gaming Session (PUBG & FIFA Tournament)

●  Mini-Games Session

●  Ending Ceremony

As the main event is still a month away, before the main event, TechTrix has organized various pre-events that are yet to take place and you can register yourself for the pre-event by visiting their Facebook page and filling out a simple form. You can register for

●  Pentesting Bootcamp

●  Photowalk and Photography Workshop

●  Bootcamp on SEO

TechTrix’s major goal is to streamline and empower students as well as to involve institutions and businesses in order to motivate and energize them. The purpose of the event is to push the boundaries of networking with the tech world, expose students to tech talent from all across the nation, and improve their leadership skills.

So, get ready as the biggest tech fest of Nepal is on its way and registration for the Main Hackathon event will be opening soon. You can get updated via the TechTrix Nepal Facebook page

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