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Telegram adds group video calls and animated backgrounds


Telegram is a messaging app with over 500 million active users. This app was launched back in 2013 and now is listed among the most used apps in 2021. Now Telegram has added new features with the recent update. Users can now join group video calls of up to 30 members. Here, let’s look at other features added by Telegram.

telegram group video calls

Group video calls:

With the latest update, users can now join video conference calls. The calls will have a limited number of members, that is, 30 members. This feature is available for both mobile phone users and desktop users. The group video call now help in organizing small meeting, classes, and even family gathering.

Screen sharing:

Along with group video calls, you can now share your screen in an audio or video call. Screen sharing can be useful while being in a class or a meeting. You can share your screen while your video is on.

Noise suppression options:

Telegram now has improved noise suppression in voice chats. So, if you’re on a call while in a noisy environment, it’ll help to keep your audio clear for everyone. You can enable/disable the noise suppression option from the setting menu.

Animated backgrounds:

Now you can use multicolour animated backgrounds that swirl with each message or even create your own animated background. You can create or select an animated background option from the chat setting. In addition, animations can be added to the chat and watch your stickers and emoji fly into chats.


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