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If your kid keeps typing on the smartphone, is preoccupied most of the time, reacts irrationally if you interrupt and is generally sleep deprived, it is likely that he or she is a text addict. The majority of the kids own smartphones and 75% text. Texting is the language teenagers speak fluently and can do it in any circumstances. Their inability to take a break, compels them to take the phones to the bathroom with them or text while driving a vehicle.

It is observed that because of heavy texting, kids are facing a number of underlying problems. They experience short term memory loss and attention span issues and hence are unable to concentrate on the present. As a result, their academic performance gets affected. They put themselves at risk while driving and never really rest. This causes them to stay tired for long periods of time. They also suffer from eye pain, headaches, and sleep disorders.

Compulsive texting is real. It is affecting the younger generation in a lot of ways and they are unable to realize it as texting is a very common and popular mode of communication. It is simply unfathomable to not text. It is important to recognize the signs – constantly checking the phone, feeling depressed when there is no new message, feeling phantom vibrations and starting a conversation by themselves to fulfill that need of texting. The second important thing is to make the children realize their addiction. The next step is to help the kids curb and lessen their texting habit.

Android Parental Control App

An Android parental control app is a prominent solution for this matter. FamilyTime is an app that allows parental control features for Android devices and can be used to prevent or lessen text addiction. It is like a helping hand for parents that resides on both the parent and child devices and lets parents keep a check on their kids.

Android Parental Control App
Android Parental Control App

Check out the features that can help you:

Text monitoring

Parents can read all the text messages on their kids’ phones and talk to them about their untimely texting. It can help you determine:

  • The timing of their texts.
  • The duration of their texting sessions.
  • Contact details.
  • Sexting or cyberbullying if any.

Screen Limits

You can control their screen time and with that also their texting time. You can put phone lock on their phone and restrict them from using their phone all the time or especially during meals, studying and at night.

Block texting apps

You can block the texting apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook messenger, etc. that keep them hooked to their devices with free internet messaging. It will keep them safe not only from constant texting but also from sexting and anonymous chatting groups.

Less texting is better

Once they take a break from texting and get past the withdrawal, they would feel lighter and less constrained. They would be able to sleep better and concentrate better which will automatically improve their quality of life. Get hold of FamilyTime Android parental control app and put a stop to texting addiction. Make texting a way of communication not a way of life.

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