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Things You Should Know Before Buying An Android Smartphones


If you are a brand conscious consumer then this article is not for you guys. But if you don’t care about the brand and want to buy the best value for the money smartphone in your budget then this article will help you to choose the right smartphone. I look at 7 things before buying or recommending an Android smartphone. So today I’m going to share those 7 things, which you should check before buying an Android smartphone.

After Sales Services:

If you are buying any smartphone, the first thing you have to check is if it is launched in Nepal officially or not. Also, make sure, the smartphone company has a service center near your location. So if anything goes wrong with your smartphone, you can fix it at its service center. At the time of purchasing ask for VAT bill and original company warranty card and make sure you are getting a device on the sealed packed box. It is better to buy a smartphone from showrooms rather than from mobile retail stores because I have heard that many retailer shops exchange original accessories from the box with duplicate ones. Though you will get less discount, at showrooms compared to retailer stores, you will be on a safe side and don’t have to worry if you are being scammed.


Make sure the display comes with AMOLED or IPS LCD panel. The AMOLED screen produces more vibrant colors and deep back, whereas the IPS LCD screen produces natural colors. If the display is 5inch or below 5inch, 720×1280 pixels resolution should be enough to produce sharp text. But if the display, then above 5 inches makes sure the resolution is a Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) or higher. Also, don’t forget to check the viewing angles and brightness of the display before purchasing any smartphone.

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mediatek vs qualcomm
Mediatek vs Qualcomm

You will find two kinds of a processor on Android smartphones these days in the market, one made by MediaTek and the other from Qualcomm. I’ll prefer smartphones that come with Qualcomm chipset as Qualcomm’s GPUs (Adreno) are always better than the GPUs found on MediaTek and Exynos chipset. So if you are looking for a smartphone to play games, then make sure your smartphone comes with Qualcomm chipset.


I have seen a lot of people who prefer a smartphone, which has a higher megapixel camera which is the wrong way to judge a camera quality. The first thing you have to look at camera specs is its sensor. Now below the Rs.20000 smartphone, you won’t find any information about camera sensors, but above 20k you can find a smartphone that has camera sensors made by Sony or Samsung in the Nepali market. So if you are spending more than 20k on a smartphone, make sure your smartphone has Sony or Samsung’s Image sensors. Beside Image sensors, things like Image processing, Aperture size (Less number is better) and megapixels also affect Image quality.

RAM and Memory:

Most people complain that Samsung smartphone starts getting lags after 3-4 months of usage and most of these cases happen to budget Samsung smartphones. The reason behind this is the lack of enough RAM as on budget Samsung smartphones, we get only 1 or 1.5GB of RAM. So make sure your smartphone comes with at least 2GB of RAM or more so that your smartphone won’t start getting lags after 3-4 months. And talking about internal memory, make sure your smartphone does have at least 16GB internal storage. Smartphone’s that come with less than 16GB internal storage is not enough these days, even if it comes with MicroSD card slot to expand the storage.

OS Version:

Android Version
Android Version

As we are talking about an android smartphone, make sure when you buy an android smartphone it is running on the latest version of Android OS. Even if the smartphone is running on an old version of Android OS, make sure it will be updated to the latest Android version later in the future. The latest version of Android will not only make your device secure but also makes your device faster, improves battery life and fixes bugs. So make sure your smartphone is running on at least Android v5. 0 lollipop or higher version and will be updated to Android v6. 0 marshmallow soon.


If the smartphone comes with a 3000mAh or higher capacity battery, then you can get better battery life out of it. In some smartphone with Qualcomm Chipset, will have Quick Charge technology which helps you to charge your phone’s battery faster than the normal smartphone, which can be very useful in day to day usage.

So these are things you should look at before buying any smartphone in the market. I hope these tips will help you and your friends and families to buy a good smartphone. If you have any questions or feedback then please let me know in the comment section below.


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