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How to Use Tiktok- Complete Beginner Guide


With more than one billion active users across the globe, TikTok can be defined as one of the most popular apps. The continuous growth of trends and content takes hold of this app, as it’s popular among many youths. In this article, we will talk about a beginners’ guide for TikTok. This includes setting up an account, basic features, and a Tiktok beginner how-to guide.  

This Chinese app allows various features for updating entertaining content, and videos, a universal platform for content creators, advertisers, influencers, and also general users. The steady growth of TikTok continues to rise (now has reached over 3.5 billion downloads), so if you are new to the app we have a few guides for viewers and beginners to TikTok.

The viewers: (Main tip: just swipe)

TikTok Beginner how To Guide

Set your Tiktok account:

tiktok  how to guide for beginner

Create your personal TikTok account, with an email, username, and password. You can enlist more than one TikTok account and switch between different accounts. There’s also a business account option after the creator account. This helps business-related algorithms and metrics to drive and entertain traffic. Just visit your profile and click manage accounts.

Following and For You options:

Following and For You options:

As a viewer, we tend to follow creators and content that gain our interests. The following options refresh you with all the content videos in the feed. While as, the for you page, is a personalized feed that allows exposure to different types of content. It is considered the type of content you enjoy, follow and even skip. This feed also includes new content you might enjoy, trends that are going viral, and basically overall entertainment.

Like, comment, Add to a favorite, and share the videos:

Like, comment, Add to a favorite, and share the videos

As you scroll through the videos, you can view various icons on the right-hand side of the screen. To follow the creator you can simply press + icon under the creator profile or swipe right to left to visit the profile. You can double tap on the video or press the heart icon to like the video.

Below it, there’s the comment section, to comment. With the new update, now you can add videos to your favorite list, and later on, you can watch them again. Lastly at the bottom of the right-hand side, there’s the share button, you can share it through multiple platforms like messenger, SMS, Instagram, and others.

Note: The liked videos are all saved in your profile. You can check it again if you wish to view it again.

Just search: 

tiktok guide for beginner

The top bar includes a magnifying glass icon, that’s the search button. Anything that peak interest on TikTok? It could be a creator, a trendy video, hashtags, or top search results. Click the icon on the upper right icon and search whatever you wish. The discover page also has the same feature. It allows you to discover the world of TikTok, and all the content it holds, you never knew existed.

Interact on LIVE:

The viewers who are interested in creators and their live streams. The live icon on the top left allows users to interact with different creators who are broadcasting live on the current period. This helps you discover what they are up to, and help gain them more growth on their content.

My Favorite feature:

The favorite icon is also pretty much like the like icon, the only difference maintaining between these being the creator boost. The favorite icon allows you to access the videos without the creator gaining boost. While, the like button provides credit to the creator, and boosts their content for better growth. 

Your personal TikTok code:

tiktok guide for beginner

One unique feature of this app is you can have your own personal QR code that leads to your account. You can have access to your personal account once scanned. Options like downloading it, copying it, and sharing it with others are also allowed. The scan button on the discover page allows you to scan. So check it out by going to the profile in the upper right corner at the setting bar.

Side guides :

  • Want to skip the video, the white progress bar at the bottom of a longer TikTok video is a slider. Place a fingertip on the moving white dot, then drag it back and forth to forward or backward the video.
  • Visit your inbox to see people who you follow, and people who are following you. It also provides direct messages from other users.
  • Want to keep your like videos private? Go to Profile and click the settings menu, click the Privacy option, and scroll to Liked Videos. Set the Who can watch your liked videos: Only Me.
  • Found the TikTok sound to be really entertaining? Why don’t watch other creators with their own content on the same account? The audio bar on the bottom of every video credits other users on TikTok with the same sound.

These are a few tips that are completely new to TikTok. Users now can access TikTok without any problem, we hope our guidelines help you to understand more about TikTok. 

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