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TikTok Unveils a new feature called Text Posts!!


TikTok, the widely acclaimed social media platform, has captured the hearts of people globally. Through this platform, users can create and share brief yet engaging videos, spanning from captivating dance challenges and lively lip-syncing to imaginative storytelling and enlightening educational content. Now, TikTok Introduces Text Posts, a new feature on its platform.

With its user-friendly interface and an extensive repository of audio and visual effects, TikTok has achieved remarkable popularity, captivating countless users worldwide and giving rise to numerous internet trends and viral sensations. With this new feature on TikTok, creators have more access to diversify content creation for their audience.

TikTok Introduces Text Posts

This new feature exemplifies TikTok’s dedication to social media innovation. The new feature will make room for textual creativity available that was previously restricted to comments, subtitles, and videos.

TikTok’s recent innovation introduces a fresh format that opens doors for content creators to showcase their creativity beyond videos. With this new feature, creators can share captivating stories, soulful poems, expressive lyrics, and other textual content.

It will for sure enhance the platform’s appeal by offering a more diverse and engaging range of entertainment for its enthusiastic users.

How to create a TikTok Text post?

Once you’ve opened up the app, you can click the + button on the center bottom. Then, users are presented with options for video and text content.

TikTok Introduces Text Posts
Source: Search Engine Journal

Once the user selects “text”, TikTok directs them to the text creation page where they can create their Text TikTok. There, users can find a variety of features designed to make their content stand out.

TikTok Introduces Text Posts
Source: Search Engine Journal
  • Why create TikTok Text posts?
    • Creators can include stickers to support specific causes, events, or holidays.
    • Creators have the option to tag other accounts and add hashtags related to relevant topics or trends
    • Creators can add various background colors to enhance the visual appeal of the post.
    • Creators can add sound to support the written content.

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