Tips To Increase Battery Life On Android Phones
Tips To Increase Battery Life On Android Phones

Tips To Increase Battery Life On Android Phones

In a country where there is more than 12 hours of load shedding in a day, you might get in a situation where your phone’s battery gives up when you are middle of something doing with your phone. Today I’m going to give you some very basic tips you can use to save or increase your phone’s battery life.

Tips to increase battery life on Android Phones:

  1. Select 2G network when 3G is not necessary: If you are not using internet or you don’t have to do video call than put your phone into 2G network. 3G networks use lots of battery than 2G network. To do so, go to setting>mobile network>preferred network type>select 2G. This will helps you to get more talk time and increase battery life.
  2. Dim the screen: After network, Screen brightness is the second reason for draining your battery quickly. If your phone has auto brightness option, use it. This will help your phone to adjust its screen battery according to the outdoor light conditions. If possible, you can leave your screen brightness to the low level which even helps more to increase your battery life.
  3. Do not use Live wallpaper: Thought live wallpaper helps your screen to be alive but it will kill your battery life. Avoid using live wallpaper in your android smartphone. If your smartphone has AMOLED display, use black background. Since, AMOLED display uses 0% battery to produce black color, this will help you to increase battery life.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS: If you are not using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it’s better to turn them off. Like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi radio can drain lots of battery juice from your smartphone if you keep them on, all the time. GPS is use to point your location. Only use it when you are using maps related applications.
  5. Kill Extraneous Apps: Whit out your knowing, many apps keep running at the background. Those apps use your phone’s batter to run. Kill them if you are not using them. To do so, go to settings>apps>running. You will see the number of apps running at background.

Turning off vibration and turning off mobile data at night can also help. So, these are some very basic tips you can try in your daily life which will help to increase your phone’s battery life. Please leave your comment below and let us know about you and your phone’s battery life.

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