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Top 5 popular apps and software for office and work (absolutely free!)


Official works are quite a headache if there’s no supporting hand. The world has gone to a digital level and online as well as offline platforms both have been a part of our professional life. Office apps and software have been unknowingly such an important part of one’s daily professional life. The basics of official works include documentation, editing, presentation, filing recording, and quite a lot of hard work. So such basic tasks can be productively performed all thanks to these apps and software popular and trusted by people.

In this category, we are choosing the basic but popular tools that might be quite handy for your office suite performance. These apps and software are not only specified for offices but almost everyone can use them from students and young kids. You can easily install them without getting paid, though some might have subscription plans for more advanced features. Overall, for the basic task to be done, let’s get into our list of the top 5 popular apps and software for the office.

Top 5 apps and software for office:

Google docs: 

google docs for office
Google docs for top office software

As we have stated above that the list will have basic tools featured in the list. So why not begin with Google docs? One of our own personal choice which has simple access, no need to download, and can be available through a browser. The simple basic online suite accesses its users to all kinds of office tools including,  word processors, spreadsheets, email, presentations, databases, collaboration, note-taking, and other related software. It is absolutely free and you can also share your work with your friends and colleagues with no problem.

Microsoft Office:

microsoft office

One of the top competitors is the long-popular Microsoft. As long as we remember, Microsoft has really really been useful for simple school presentations, recording data, word processing, editing, and a looooot of online work. The Microsoft app contains Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook, database access, and a publisher. Microsoft office comes in various versions popularly including desktop versions for both windows and Mac, web browser versions, and mobile apps for android and iOS. While basic features are free you can also get an extra office subscription for additional features.

Google Drive:

google drive

Google Drive comes as a popular selection in our list and features with overall suite of office apps including PDF Viewer, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and, Google Drive itself. So google docs basically stores all the files with other users where we can view, add and make new ones. It also features file viewing in different formats, private or public sharing of files, and adding third-party apps.

Features come packed for editing, commenting, and managing different kinds of images, videos,  projects, and documents. It comes with 15 GB of free storage and is a team-collaborating online space where you can easily collaborate was an online office suite. But you can also upgrade your drive by subscribing to Google One.

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quip app

Quip is one of the newer names and is available free of cost with basic office features as well. Similar to google drive it also has cloud-based storage, where we can collaborate with other users and chat as well in the message format. Quip also comes with features such as Document creation tools, Spreadsheet tools, Presenting tools, Collaborative editing, and unique In-app messaging. New and unique we recommend users use the quip app. 

Apple iWork:

apple iWork

We have included the apple iWork for apple users edition. The Apple iWork software is an absolutely free office suite for an iOS device where users can create beautiful documents with accessible templates and visuals. Similarly, it also supports spreadsheets and cinematic presentations with powerful graphic tools. The suite features collaboration and is accessible through Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or using a PC. It is available through downloads as well as available in web browsers as well. Finally, it supports apple pencil integration. 

These were the top popular basic office packages from our pick. Check them out immediately, for easy work access and professional benefits. 

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