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Top 5 things that happened in gaming Wold 2016

A lot has happened in the world of gaming this year. Amazing new games have been released, powerful consoles and technologies have been introduced which show just how much the gaming industry has evolved since the early days. From new console releases to mobile games, we breakdown the top five things that have happened in gaming in 2016.

1. Pokemon Go phenomenon

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny the impact that this game has had in the world. Albeit the hype of the game has died down in the recent months, but during the first few month of its release, the game had people flocking towards the streets, socializing with other people. Even here in Nepal, Pokemon Go had people running around monuments and Tourist areas. Now with the official release of the game in Nepal, people can enjoy the game once more.

Pokemon Go Now Available In Nepal

2. PlayStation 4 pro released

The popular gaming console by sony received a reboot before its next big launch ,the PS4 pro. The new console saw improvements over its predecessor with improved performance and support for 4K and HDR gaming. With nearly double the graphical capabilities, new gaming titles are expected for the console.

PS4 Pro

PC Vs Gaming Consoles

3. Burst of Virtual Reality

Developers have began working on VR games with many games already released with VR support. However VR games released till now are not that impressive. As the industry is still in its beginning phase, VR gaming is expected to see improvements in the upcoming year. Companies as big as Facebook are working on VR technology. Sony’s PS VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are some of the most popular VR technologies of 2016.

Virtual Reality gaming

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4. New game releases

This year saw the release of countless new games from triple-A games to indie games. Overwatch was considered one of the best online multiplayer of the year and many other games from different genres like Gears of war 4, Doom (voted best game of the year by Gameranx), Witcher 3, Forza Horizon 3 also gained huge popularity among gamers. The biggest disappointment however was No Man’s Sky. The indie game was hyped for months, it was supposed to offer an open world gaming experience like no other with an infinite number of procedurally generated planets. Despite being a commercial success the game play was described as awful by many critics.

DOOM game play

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5. GTX 10 series graphics cards for PC (and laptop)

Nvidia released its new line of graphics cards with the Pascal architecture offering improved graphical performance to last generation of 900 series graphics card with Maxwell architecture. The most powerful being the GTX 1080 which allow for 4K gaming. The 10 series graphics cards are now also being introduced in new premium laptops as well. These cards offer similar capabilities to their desktop counterparts. Previous generation of nvidia graphics cards on laptops were significantly weaker compared to the desktop versions.

GeForce GTX 10 Series Graphic Cards Price In Nepal

With more tech being accessible to people, gaming is getting even more popular. The money and the resources being poured into developments of games and technology have provided us new games with stunning graphics, gameplay and story. The video game software market has bought in 91 billion dollars in revenue in 2016 alone. This just goes to show how important gaming is becoming in the world. With so much that has happened this year, there is no doubt we will see more games and improvements in gaming technology in the coming years.

Let us know some of your favourite games of 2016 in the comments below. For more gaming related articles, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.



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