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Top ISP Offers This Dashain: Get Best Internet Services at the Best Rate.


With the Booming offers to hit the market, ISP providers are no less with their exciting Dashain offers. Want to get the best of the best deal offers for the best internet service? Say less, we are here to help you get the best internet at the best Dashain deals. Not only that, but these ISP providers are also providing other exciting prizes including free gifts, IPTV offers, and many more. Wanna know more? Let’s dive into the top ISP that offers this Dashain, to check:

Top isp offers

1. Worldlink Dashain festivity offer:

Worldlink this Dashain offers three top-notch offers, Fast Offer, 2 Router Offer ( Internet Only+Beacon), and a Smart Offer (1TV) as well. But since we’re only discussing the internet offers in this article, let’s get into what word link has to offer on the fast offer and 2 router offers.

Worldlink dashian offer

Fast Offer

The fast offers different Mbps internet at an affordable price with an ONU deposit of rs 500. The subscription offer is only valid for 12 months. 

MonthsBandwidthInternetONU DepositTotal Price
12 Months200MbpsRs 12,600Rs 500Rs 13,100
12 Months250MbpsRs 13,800Rs 500Rs 14,300
12 Months300MbpsRs 15,600Rs 500Rs 16,100

*exclusive of VAT

2 Router Offer (Internet Only + Beacon)

Similarly, the 2 router offers customers a subscription to the above fast offer, where it adds a Beacon 1.1 router, which is a mesh router, in addition to a dual-band router. It requires a deposit of Rs 1500 extra for all subscriptions.

MonthsBandwidthInternetONU DepositBeacon 1.1 RentalBeacon 1.1 DepositTotal Price
12 Months200MbpsRs 12,600Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 14,600
12 Months250MbpsRs 13,800Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 15,800
12 Months300MbpsRs 15,600Rs 500FreeRs 1,500Rs 17,600

*exclusive of VAT

2. Vianet’s Dashain mood:

Again another top offer comes, Vianet another popular ISP, setting up the Dashain mood with an extra router and ViaTV offer as well. Vianet Dashain’s offer includes a package of 200 Mbps internet and a ViaTV yearly subscription where you can get a Nokia Beacon 1.1 mesh router or a Xiaomi Mi 4A Dual Band router free of cost. 

New Project 2022 09 13T154857.059 1

200 Mbps offer with the free router to select:

Subscription Price Offers
200 Mbps internetRs.999 (Monthly)Nokia beacon 1.1 mesh router/ Mi 4A Dual band router
Via TVRs.150 (Monthly)Nokia beacon 1.1 mesh router/ Mi 4A Dual band router

Deposit scheme:

Customers can also have an extra optional router. However, deposits will have to be made for both routers. Check out:

Offer productsUltra-Fi L 200 (12 Months)Ultra-Fi L 200 TV (12Months)Ultra-Fi L 250 2TV (12Months)Ultra-Fi L 300 3TV (12Months)
Nokia Beacon 1.1 Mesh RouterFree Free Free Free 
Router DepositRs. 4000 Rs. 4000Rs.3000 Rs. 2,500 
Mi 4A RouterFree Free Free Free 
Router DepositRs.1500 Rs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500

13% tax is added to the above price. 

3. Classic tech festiball offer:

The Classic tech “Bada festiball” is offering discounts on smart TVs, and 100 Mbps internet only at the price of rs 741. The offer is for those customers who are looking out for lower Mbps at affordable prices.

New Project 2022 09 16T131613.143 1

Smart Dashain offer:

One of the main highlights of this offer is the, 100 Mbps offer at the price of Rs 741 only on a monthly basis. There are lesser Mbps options as well for customers. Check out:

Internet offersIPTV price Offer Price (12 months)
100 Mbps Rs. 1,800Rs. 7,800
80 Mbps Rs. 1,800Rs. 9,000
50 Mbps Rs. 1,800Rs. 7,800

One-time charge offer:

Internet Offer Price (12 months)
Installation chargeFree 
FTTH cableFree 
Single band ONU cableRS. 500

4. CG Net Jodi offer:

The CG Net Jodi offer, launched by CGNET, offers customers internet services along with IPTV.

 The offer is named ‘CG NET JODI” and comes along with three packages. The three packages includes:’Sprinter Jodi’, ‘Popular Jodi’, and ‘Rockstar Jodi’. Let’s dive into what these offers have!


New Project 2022 09 22T130433.922
SPRINTER JODI80 MbpsIPTVPrice= Rs.810. 
POPULAR JODI155 MbpsIPTVPrice= Rs.1055
ROCKSTAR JODI305 MbpsIPTVPrice= Rs.1374

Sprinter Jodi:

Sprinter Jodi package comes under Rs 810 for 80 Mbps internet along with IPTV for its main feature. There are quarterly, and annual offers for subscriptions. so those who are planning an internet subscription with fewer Mbps could be the sprinter choice for them.

Plan Monthly basis3 months12 months
80 Mbps + IPTV (SPRINTER)Rs. 810Rs. 2,640Rs.  9,720

Popular Jodi:

The Popular Jodi package comes under Rs 1055 for 155 Mbps internet along with IPTV Offer. The prices and offer involve quarterly and annual offers as well. Those who want faster Mbps and a better internet experience can enjoy the popular Jodi offer.

Plan Monthly basis3 months12 months
155 Mbps + IPTV (POPULAR)Rs.1055Rs. 3,750Rs. 12,660

Rockstar Jodi:

The rockstar Jodi package price comes under Rs 1,374 for 305 Mbps with the IPTV offer. You can easily gain this offer quarterly, and annually like the other offers as well. with the highest Mbps, check out the subscription prices :

Plan Monthly basis3 months12 months
305 Mbps + IPTV (ROCKSTAR)Rs.1374Rs.4,542Rs.16,488
All rates are excluding vat

5. Wifi Nepal with Dashain ko master plan:

New Project 2022 09 16T163945.006 2

Wifi Nepal is an established brand as ISP known for its cheap and high-quality internet service in Nepal. This Dashain Wifi Nepal is offering an upgrade to the internet without the price. The 30 Mbps internet has been upgraded to 50 Mbps speed at the same price. The price for this offer is only Rs.333 on a monthly basis. Similarly, if you want a higher speed then Wifi Nepal is also offering 80 Mbps internet only at the rate of Rs.500. 

50mbps offer:

50 Mbps 3 Months6 Months1 Year
Wire ChargeRs.500Free Free 
Router ChargeRs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500
Total priceRs.3100Rs.3600Rs.5500

80 Mbps offer:

80 Mbps 3 Months6 Months1 Year
Wire ChargeRs.500Free Free 
Router ChargeRs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500
Total priceRs.3600Rs.4700 Rs.7500

Renewal charges:

Renewal 3 Months6 Months1 Year
50 MbpsRs.1100Rs.2100Rs.4000
80 MbpsRs.1600Rs.3200Rs.6000

These were the top isp offers featuring the article. Besides the affordable rates on the internet prices, check out for more offers included in the Dashain offer as well. Check out Some of the other best Dashain offers as well:

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