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Top Five Online Shopping Apps in Nepal.


Online shopping, or shopping in general, don’t we all love it?? Are you one of those who save and invest in a few products? Or those who cannot take their eyes off every product displayed! Whatever it is, shopping is always fun, isn’t it? And now in a world full of digital marketing and online shopping, it’s much easier and more convenient to get anything we want. There are hundreds of platforms and online shopping apps that can quickly provide you to check hundred of products and even get reviews from other people. With a swipe on your screen, and a few transactions you’re done. Your online shopping is complete!

Now the Nepalese market also has a large number of platforms for online shopping. Websites, where hundreds and thousands of products are displayed, reviewed, and shopped, have been more popular Than ever. Some of the sites keep pushing their market so no wonder you might have heard or even have some experience with them.

Here, in this article, we are going to introduce the top five sites in Nepal.


daraz shopping app

I think we can probably name daraz as the hottest from the hottest online site in Nepal. Not only in Nepal but previously known as Kaymu, this online marketplace is a leading site in overall south Asian countries. This website empowers thousands of products, along with its category. This supports the marketing of many brands and local markets, daraz has been a wonderful platform for customers and businesses. Not only that, it has the service of its own delivery person, a smart and safe shopping experience, and even a return and exchange policy. 

In 2018, Alibaba an international leading website purchased daraz. Daraz states to take part in the mission of “ make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of digital economy” alongside Alibaba. They are also holding Annual 11.11 single-day sales, and 12.12 sales here in Nepal too. Daraz has openly marketed its service on social media platforms and is the largest online site in Nepal. Daraz supports payment transactions through, debit, credit payment, online payment, and mobile wallets methods as well. To this day, daraz app holds a rating of 4.1 with more than 50 million downloads. 

Visit their official site:


sastodeal shopping mart

The third place we are entitled to have is sastodeal. Like the other sites, this site also offers numerous products and easy options to pay through cash as well as digital transactions. Mobile wallets such as khalti, e Sewa, IME pay, and other option helps you with digital transactions. This app also offers a return policy on products within a specific period. 

Sastodeal has also collaborated with Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce website for featuring each other products in their respective own homeland. Sasto deals can now host its products and varieties on flip kart while products from flip kart can be easily available on sasto deal with next-day easy delivery. That means international goods can be brought at affordable prices despite the international currency gap. This app is a must-experience, so do not forget to check it out. The app has 3.4 ratings and 100k+ downloads.

visit their official site:


New Project 80

On our list Gyapu takes third place, being another online shopping platform that provides e-commerce service to Nepali markets as well as customers too. The primary objective of Gyapu is to build the Nepali Global Brand and promote domestic Nepali products in Nepal and throughout the globe. Gyapu provides a free home delivery service within 24 hours as well.

This app like others provides options on many items such as home appliances, gadgets, fashion products, beauty, food, liquors, and many more. As gyapu states that

“At Gyapu, our aim is to offer our customers the latest products with the finest quality because the interests of our customers are always a top priority for us.”

Gyapu started its business back in April 2020, when the first outbreak of covid hit Nepal. with the aim of supporting people as much as they can. Now the team has flourished quite well and is popular on social media with offers and deals. What makes Gyapu so distinct is their timely service and payments along with the aim of providing the best quality. This app boasts 100k+ downloads and 2.3 ratings.

visit their official site:


smartdoko shopping app

On our fourth rank, we would feature smart doko, one of the new members of online service platforms. This site is also slowly growing in the Nepalese market, of its wide variety of products, including 18 categories and 10000 products which is just a click away from being yours. This app provides free delivery inside ring road as well and allows users easy methods for payment.

The app offers its products at offerable prices and is reliable as well as secure. This app also has an easy user interface and offers discounts and coupons to customers too. Overall the company is a good experience for online shopping. The company claims its main objective is to significantly enhance the customer experience of SmartDoko by addressing positive as well as negative queries. So far the app has ratings of 4.5 as well as 10K + downloads. 

visit the official site:


saathimart shopping app

Another app that gives you both online as well as offline experience to its customers is saathimart. This app also options out a variety of products easily from local groceries to electronics, clothing, and many more. The app initially is the online shopping experience for the brand which has more than a hundred outlets all over Nepal. Saathi mart is one of the largest network retail chains that provide domestic as well as imported supplies with quality. 

Now saathimart app which was launched only last year provides a delivery facility. similarly, now youths can easily partner with those who want to be franchise partners in different places of Nepal. This way they can earn profits online, offline retail outlets, and distributors with the same investment as an ordinary mart or shop. Sathi marts believe that the era of the digital market has begun, and wants to move forward despite the idea of retail store facilities. This app has a rating of 3.9 and 10k+ downloads.

visit the official site:

While e-commerce growth is growing simultaneously, online shopping apps have provided a simple and easy experience for digital payments. wanna know more about digital payments while online shopping then these articles might be helpful:

These were the top five online shopping apps in Nepal. Do check out them for a good shopping experience. already shopped online? how was your experience ? do share us in the comments.


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