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Trackon GPS: A Telematics based Vehicle Tracking Startup from Itahari


Introducing Trackon GPS

Startup culture isn’t what you’d associate the city of Itahari with, but recently the startup trend is beginning to take hold of the city. There are a few tech companies here, and they are all providing good value to the consumers.

Trackon GPS is one such startup in Itahari, founded by Mr. Kiran Rai (CEO) and Mr. Saroj Raut (CTO), and Mr. Nishan Rai (CBDO). The three co-founders started the company to provide palm-sized GPS Tracking devices to vehicle owners in Nepal.

Kiran Rai, you might recognize, is a moto vlogger from Eastern Nepal. He runs a youtube channel with 100K+ subscribers named Eastrider Kiran, so he has a hands-on experience in vehicles and understands vehicle security.

On the other hand, Saroj Raut and Nishan Rai are the co-founders of IT company based in Itahari named ITsoch. They are former CSIT students at Sushma Godawari College and have been involved in the IoT business for a while now.

Trackon GPS

IoT Stands for the Internet of Things, and these businesses focus on connecting our everyday goods to the internet. The GPS Tracker that Trackon GPS makes can be considered an IoT device as it can connect to the internet and pass valuable vehicle data to the consumer. But Trackon GPS is not a pure IoT company. It is a telematics company. These are the companies with the main focus on GPS devices.

Anyway, the story of Trackon GPS begins with the founders seeing a massive gap in the market. There was a time when Bike theft was at an all-time high in Itahari, and the founders saw that people were not really investing in technology to keep their vehicles safe. 

The three co-founders saw an opportunity to fill this gap, and Trackon GPS was born. They started the company a few years ago and have been at it for now. Initially, the company primarily targeted bike and scooter owners, but now, they have expanded their services, and they support cars, school buses, public transport, fleet vehicles, and more.

We talked to the CBDO of the company, Nishan Rai, and asked him about the motivation behind Trackon GPS, a question to which he replied, “We saw the telematics industry to be quite disorganized in Nepal and saw an opportunity to launch this product to cater to the Nepali market.”

Mr. Rai also added, “The telematics market was capped at $50.4 billion in 2018, and projections show that it will reach $320.6 billion by 2026. So, we also saw the financial feasibility of such a product and took our chances with Trackon GPS.”

But how does Trackon GPS Work?

Trackon GPS’s working mechanism is quite simple. You install small-sized hardware on the vehicle and then use a mobile app to track the vehicle. The mobile app is available to download for both Android and iOS.

The actual hardware requires SIM card activation to send data to your smartphone. So, each Trackon GPS device has a SIM card included.

With each purchase, you get 1 year of SIM data which you will need to renew every year. The renewal fees are nominal, though.

In terms of installation, Trackon GPS has dealer points all over Nepal. You can visit the nearest dealer point to install the GPS tracker. Or if you live at a place with no dealer points, you can visit a local garage and then call the Trackon GPS team. They’ll help the mechanic at the garage install the tracker on your vehicles.

Some features of Trackon GPS

Trackon GPS has many features. With the Trackon GPS App, you will be able to track your vehicles without an issue. Real-Time Tracking is the primary feature of Trackon GPS. You will be able to know the exact location of your vehicle with this feature. You can look at this data right on your Trackon GPS mobile app.

Trackon GPS features- GPS tracker price in Nepal

The next cool feature of Trackon GPS is Travel History. This feature shows you the travel history of the full day and it will also refresh key driving points every ten seconds.

Remote Engine Lock is arguably the best feature that Trackon GPS has and the extra 1000 Rs you pay for the Micro Plus version is totally justified with this feature. You will be able to lock your engine from anywhere in the world with just the help of your mobile phone!

A geofence is a radius around your vehicle that you can mark as a safe zone. When your vehicle leaves this safe area, an alert is sent to your phone by Trackon GPS and you know that your vehicle has been touched, moved, or stolen. There are also other kinds of alerts like speeding alerts, vibrations, and anti-theft alerts that you get with Trackon GPS. These alerts always make sure that your vehicles are safe.

Finally, Trackon GPS also provides reports and data on the routes taken by your vehicles, fuel consumed, stops the vehicle took, history of the past three months, and more.

Final Words

Trackon GPS is a fast-growing startup. It has been providing great services with its mobile application and GPS Trackers. Since its inception, the company has grown and it is now looking to tap into the Fleet Vehicle space as well. When asked about the future of the company, the co-founders seem to be positive about it. They see the future of GPS tracking in Nepal and are looking to expand Trackon GPS all over Nepal. The company already has multiple dealer points in the country and will only expand it further in the future. 

Trackon GPS Tracker Price in Nepal

There are a total of two options to choose from – Micro and Micro Plus. Both of these options come with 1 year of App and SIM data. 

The Micro variant will cost you Rs. 7990 

and the Micro Plus variant costs Rs 8990. 

Trackon GPS micro and micro plus- GPS tracker price in Nepal
Trackon Micro (Left) and Trackon Micro Plus with Engine Lock (Right)

But they provide discount offers on special occasions time and again.

So, what do you get extra with the Micro Plus version? The ability to remotely turn your engine on and off. Yes, you heard that right. You can be sitting at your home and turn your engine off from the comfort of your own house if you find that your vehicle is stolen.

Trackon GPSPrice in Nepal
Trackon GPS – Micro variantRs. 7990
Trackon GPS – Micro Plus variantRs 8990

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